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Unforeseen Challenges For Working Moms During The Pandemic

Unforeseen Challenges For Working Moms During The Pandemic

Teacher, nurse, nutritionist, psychologist, driver, security officer, event planner, waitress, referee, entertainer, comforter or in other words, mom. Moms naturally perform a balancing act. Adding work to the intricacies of motherhood further fuels the complexity of family life.

The pandemic has brought many unforeseen challenges to women of the household.

“Study after study finds that women shoulder more of the child care, more of the housework in families… men are doing more around the house than a generation ago, but the Labor Department has found mothers still spend almost twice as much time on child care and chores. So you add to that virtual school, and women are just saying this is too much.”¹

It is too much. What are the options in this scenario? According to a recent article, 2.2 million women have left the workforce since the pandemic began² most likely feeling that they had no other choice. A supportive work environment is crucial to keeping parents in the workplace and SciBio is a company that understands this.

Founder & Managing Partner, Eric Celidonio’s goal is to create a flexible environment that values performance, recognize contributions and provides meaning. Eric says “We love the fact that we have a lot of working moms on the team. We have a need for flexibility and so do they.” How do moms on the team feel? We surveyed our moms and here’s what they have to say.

  • 90% of them say flexibility is provided by SciBio which is so instrumental to parenthood
  • 90% of moms who have worked in other companies agree that SciBio is a supportive environment for working parents
  • 100% of moms say the ability to work from home and create their own schedule has greatly benefitted them

Hear from some of our working moms:

Kerry C: “Sci.Bio is a flexible environment where having kids doesn’t mean putting your career on hold. Management prioritizes family and never makes you feel like your work should come before your family…I feel lucky to be here, working for this company that supports me and allows me flexibility.”

“Sci.Bio is a more supportive environment for working moms than other places I’ve worked in the past. It definitely alleviates some of the stress that invariably all working moms feel when doing the daily juggle”

Sandra T: “Working moms need flexibility and understanding. Sci.Bio does more than just permit you to make your own schedule and/or look the other way when an urgent family matter takes center stage; Sci.Bio encourages us to seek balance in ways that fulfill and restore us.”

“In previous companies, it seemed there was a divide between working parents and child-free employees who could dedicate 10 hours/day…Our leadership understands that we’ll get caught up as soon as possible, and they see the results we produce. It’s a much more nourishing environment.”

Allison E: “The majority of my colleagues are also working moms or parents, so they get it. It’s a relief to be able to juggle kids and work and not feel that I have to hide any part of my life. At Sci.Bio, we have always had flexible schedules and the ability to work independently, so I have always been able to work during the times in my day that the kids don’t need me (hooray for nap time!).”

“Without this flexibility, I wouldn’t be working. I would be another statistic, another mom who drops out of the workforce because it simply doesn’t support parents, and mothers in particular. I was never willing to sacrifice time with my children just to be in an office for 10 hours a day–it’s unnecessary. Losing women in the workforce negatively impacts all of us, and it’s past time to make changes to allow people a life outside of the office. The flexibility we have at Sci.Bio has allowed me to retain other parts of my identity besides being a mom, which so many women aren’t able to do–and maintaining those other aspects of who we are makes us better moms AND better workers”

Shereen D: “At Sci Bio the flexibility is an amazing benefit, I never feel pressure or guilt when I need to focus on my family.”

“I always considered myself to be very organized but being a mom has intensified this skill. Being a first time mom is challenging and actually remembering that you need to stay organized is key! Working at SciBio has helped me balance life as a doting mother and a dedicated employee.”

Between cuddles and conference calls, reading picture books and reading emails, working moms have a life filled with laser focus and optimal efficiency. Looking at these daily experiences, we celebrate the unsung heroes in the workforce, and look forward to continuing to meet their needs in a work environment.

Sci.Bio is a leading recruitment and search firm based in Boston. We specialize in finding and hiring the best talent to fill temporary openings, long-term positions, and executive roles in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and the Life Sciences industries.


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² https://www.abccolumbia.com/2020/12/01/mothers-leaving-workforce-may-take-toll-on-the-economy/

Kerry Ciejek Promoted to Managing Partner

Kerry Ciejek Promoted to Managing Partner

Rockland, Massachusetts, January 17, 2020: Sci.Bio is pleased to announce that Kerry Ciejek has been promoted to Managing Partner. Ciejek joined the company in September as a Senior Recruiting Partner with extensive experience in life science and healthcare recruiting.

Ciejek received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Fairfield University. She began recruiting career with Lab Pros, where she spent 17 years building and developing teams. After that, she spent several years in an in-house recruiting role with Steward Health Care. Ciejek decided to make the move to Sci.bio after speaking with Founder Eric Celidonio and learning about its innovative model.

“I decided to join the Sci.bio team because I could see there is a deep level of commitment to client and candidate success. I also appreciated the team’s wealth of scientific knowledge, that allows us to understand our clients and candidates and make great matches,” Ciejek explains.

Ciejek also brings expertise in recruitment training and coaching. She is a Co-Active Coach®, trained through the Coaches Training Institute. “I love coaching and training recruiters, so I am excited that this new role will allow me to share my passion with the staff.”

In her new role, Ciejek will also be a strategic partner to Celidonio, who provided the following statement: “Kerry is someone I’ve always wanted to work with and I am honored that she has accepted a role as a Managing Partner. She brings an incredible boutique agency recruiting and training background that will bolster our capabilities as a preeminent, total talent solution for life science companies.”

For more information about Sci.Bio please contact Lauren Perna at [email protected]

Lauren Perna Joins Sci.bio as Director of Marketing, Communications, & Business Development

Lauren Perna Joins Sci.bio as Director of Marketing, Communications, & Business Development

Rockland, Massachusetts, November 11, 2019: Sci.Bio is pleased to announce that Lauren Perna has joined the team in the new role of director of marketing, communications, and business development.  Perna will focus on raising Sci.Bio’s visibility by building strategic marketing, social media, and events campaigns. She also plans to expand philanthropic efforts and position Sci.Bio as a community partner.

Perna brings over a decade of diverse experience in marketing, communications, and relationship-building. She also brings an extensive life sciences network, having spent much of her career at the life sciences trade organization, MassBio. As senior director of membership, Perna promoted MassBio’s benefits and helped the 1,200 member companies grow their businesses in the life sciences industry. During her tenure, she helped launch a major member engagement initiative. Highlights include improving member communications, enhancing MassBio’s profile in the community, and spearheading a popular networking series. For the past year, Perna focused on her communications consulting practice, helping small businesses and nonprofits raise their digital and social profiles.

Sci.Bio Founder Eric Celidonio made the following statement about Perna’s joining: “I know Lauren will have a huge impact on Sci.Bio, given her unique background and her passion for the life sciences industry. Her enthusiasm and hands-on approach are a great match for the Sci.Bio team, and we’re all excited to see her take us to the next phase.”

On joining Sci.Bio, Perna says: “This opportunity is a great match. I thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, which is a big part of the Sci.Bio culture. And, I can continue serving an industry I am deeply rooted in while doing what I enjoy—bringing visibility to growing companies.”

In her highly visible position at MassBio, Perna built relationships across the industry and became a resource to life sciences professionals.  “I helped individuals progress in their careers, and I worked with companies scaling up. I am excited to continue being a part of that, just from a different perspective. The life sciences recruiting market is hot, but Sci.Bio has a unique recruiting model and I think there’s a great story to share,” Perna said.

Perna received her BA from Fordham University with a degree in Communications and American Studies. She also completed the Emerging Leaders Program at UMass Boston in 2014. Over the past year she earned numerous certifications in marketing and social media.

Sci.bio is a fully integrated biotechnology & pharmaceutical recruiting firm that offers its clients flexible, value-oriented recruiting options for filling their clinical, medical, and life sciences job openings. The company provides RPO contract recruitment, executive search, and contract staffing services.

For more information about Sci.Bio please contact Lauren Perna at [email protected]