Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Author: Natalie Zimmerman

Despite the increasingly remote nature of work in our post-pandemic world, location remains one of the most important factors for candidates, and a crucial component in choosing a recruiting agency to assist with a search – especially within the realm of life sciences recruiting. Whether home to distinguished research universities, biotech companies, or cutting-edge startups, every biotech hub boasts its own unique ecosystem and research goals, and direct experience within that specific environment can be instrumental in recruiting and hiring the right candidate for a role.

Sci.bio Recruiting was founded after decades of experience in the Boston-Cambridge life sciences world. While Sci.bio is still headquartered in the Boston area, we’ve also grown nationally: we now have employees all over the country, and serve clients nationwide.

From Biotech Beach in California to Genetown in Boston, our recruiters live and work where you live and work. Read on for a selection of our recruiting partners and leaders in locations across the U.S.

Brian Riehle – Managing Partner in California

Brian RiehleBrian Riehle lives in San Diego, California, a part of the Biotech Beach area.

He joined Sci.bio in 2023 to build out the company’s presence in the California biotech space. Having worked in recruiting for 15 years, much of that time in California, he possesses a unique understanding of the specific research environment in Biotech Beach, and heads Sci.bio’s business development on the West Coast.

Brian has found it fulfilling to work within the burgeoning biotech space in San Diego: “Empowering the future of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in San Diego, as a staffing professional, is like weaving the threads of innovation. Bridging the realms of academia and industry, we are the linchpins, connecting brilliant minds with visionary companies, fostering growth, and shaping tomorrow’s breakthroughs.”

He’s confident that San Diego will continue to be host to groundbreaking biotech research: “San Diego is a major hub for biotech and will continue to attract talent and innovative companies to the area.”

Martha Navarro – Senior Recruiting Associate in South Carolina

Martha NavarroMartha Navarro lives in South Carolina and works as a Senior Recruiting Associate at Sci.bio.

Though she grew up in California and only recently relocated to South Carolina, she appreciates the growing research presence in the area: “I’m a Scientific Recruiter living in the Florence area of South Carolina. Even though I’m relatively new here, I’ve discovered there’s more to the state than just its Southern charm! Cities like Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, and Clemson are developing a research presence. As a recruiter, it’s exciting to see this growth and it inspires me to continue forming connections. I hope that with the years to come, South Carolina will be known not only for their southern hospitality but as an emerging research hub where both locals and non-locals can experience the warm welcome I’ve received.”

Martha also speaks Spanish, which has enhanced her ability to communicate with candidates from various backgrounds and in myriad locations: “My ability to speak both English and Spanish has also helped me engage with a diverse range of candidates and opened the door to new opportunities.”

Laura Helmick Laura Helmick – Managing Partner in North Carolina

Laura Helmick, one of Sci.bio Recruiting’s Managing Partners, grew up and continues to live in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area, colloquially known as Research Triangle Park.

Having spent much of her life in this area, she’s uniquely able to recognize the way the opportunities in the area have expanded throughout the years: “I grew up in Chapel Hill when there was only 1 high school. 30+ years later, it’s hard to truly digest how much the RTP area has changed. Regardless of the tremendous growth, I still see that southern charm and small town feel but (thankfully) a lot more diversity and opportunities, professionally and personally. The early research and discovery out of Duke, NC State and UNC really seemed to feed the growth in this area for businesses like CROs, CDMOs, and Biotechs; it just keeps expanding! The ‘Triangle’ area has so much to offer. I can’t imagine living anywhere else and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this area.”

Stacy SaltzerStacy Saltzer – Senior Recruiting Partner in Ohio

Stacy Saltzer lives in Akron, Ohio and works as a Senior Recruiting Partner and Director of Sourcing at Sci.bio.

With over 25 years of experience in RPO and executive search, she now brings her expertise to the BioMidwest area: “Living and working in Akron, Ohio has been an enriching experience for me, both professionally and personally. From a biotech recruiting standpoint, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with a diverse talent pool and contribute to the growth of the industry while working remotely. Additionally, being able to converse with our clients in French has been advantageous, allowing me to foster stronger relationships and better serve our global clientele. On a personal level, Akron offers a welcoming community, vibrant culture, and convenient access to nature, making it a great place to call home.”

Beyond the major biotech hubs of Boston/Cambridge, San Diego, and RTP, we also have employees in over 20 states, including Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Vermont, to name a few. Our recruiters are deeply ingrained within the same communities in which you live and work, and uniquely poised to help you find and hire successful candidates wherever you are.

If you’re looking to fill a role with a highly qualified candidate, Sci.bio’s recruitment services can help. We know that no two clients are the same, so we provide customized recruiting support that adapts to a given client’s structure and needs, and have placed successful candidates with a variety of companies. Please contact us to connect with a recruiter and discuss your needs, and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.


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