Contingent Staffing

Hiring Contractors Made Easy

We strive to fit your needs.

Our team provides experienced scientific, technical and clinical consultants or contractors for any project on an ad interim, contract, or contract-to-hire basis. We focus on the people so you can focus on the projects that drive growth.

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Full-Cycle Staffing

Whether you need to quickly staff your lab, manufacturing teams, or summer intern team, can help. We find, recruit, and hire the specialized temporary or contract-to-hire candidates you need to make your team operational without the risk of hiring full-time employees.

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Project Consultants

When you need an expert to lead your project or advise your team, can help you find and payroll specialized consultants or subject matter experts without the hassle and potential liability of a 1099.

Ad-interim executives or project managers can help guide your company into the next phase of growth without adding overhead or tying up your team with administrative tasks.

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Payroll Your People

When you’ve found the right candidate yourself but would prefer to payroll them through a third party, is here to help.

We’ll manage the employee and employer liabilities of contract and contingent hiring with a remarkably reasonable payroll fee. We provide benefits to payrolled contractors that increase their retention and engagement.

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Contractors and Consultants Across Disciplines

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical contractors cover a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines essential for advancing research, development, and commercialization in the life sciences industry. Our team of experienced scientific recruiters specializes in sourcing talent across these diverse disciplines to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.
Molecular Biology Biochemistry Pharmacology Genetics
Immunology Cell Biology Microbiology Bioinformatics
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacokinetics Clinical Trials Management Regulatory Affairs
Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing Biostatistics Epidemiology
Health Economics QA and Compliance Manufacturing and Process Development Medical Affairs

Whether you require expertise in early-stage discovery, clinical development, or commercialization activities, our team can effectively recruit and place skilled professionals across the entire spectrum of scientific and technical roles. We offer flexible solutions, including urgent contract placements, contract-to-hire arrangements, and consulting services, to address your specific staffing requirements.

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