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Sci.bio provides comprehensive, flexible recruiting solutions for our clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industries. Our deeply knowledgeable team partners with you to manage the sourcing, recruitment, and hiring process so you can focus on growing your business with the right people in place.
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The evolution of Sci.bio Recruiting

OneScience, Inc. was created in 1999 to provide high-caliber, consultative recruitment services to scores of applied life science and biopharmaceutical organizations. Our original focus was helping small biopharma companies scale in the face of fierce competition by leveraging recruiters with scientific, clinical, engineering, and technical recruiting backgrounds.

Drawing on his experience in corporate recruiting, Eric noticed a gap. Agencies weren’t focused on building long-term partnerships or offering flexible hiring options for companies—they were looking to make quick placements and move on. He wanted to take a different approach: to build a company that provides flexible hiring support for clients where, when, and how they need it, and one that evolves and grows alongside our clients.

In 2016, the company rebranded as Sci.bio and began a wave of internal expansion that continues to this day. Though our scope has grown, we’ve never wavered from our original commitment to build partnerships with our clients and provide exceptional talent in a competitive marketplace. Sci.bio has solidified its status as a trusted recruiting partner with countless long-term engagements and client advocates.

We are dedicated to building upon our track record of achievement by forging strong partnerships with our clients and nurturing a workplace culture focused on service, meritocracy, and flexibility.

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