Top 5 Benefits of getting to know your co-workers

In today’s world managing your time at work is extremely important. At the end of the day you may ask yourself “Where did the time go?” But one may over look the importance of a manager spending a certain percentage of their time with team members. Investing a small amount of time to build relationships has several benefits that pay off in the long run.

Building relationships and mentoring relationships needs to be encouraged to simply get to know your own team members.

With days and weeks crammed with scheduled meetings, impromptu meetings, and a never-ending inbox, it can be tempting to spend that time some other way. But as the 80/20 rule suggests, that small effort can have a huge ripple effect for the manager to, the employee, and the team as a whole. The importance of engaging with your co-workers has its benefits.

There is an opportunity in every encounter. With time as valuable as it is, looking for opportunities in a crazy schedule helps add a new perspective. It can simple for all of us to get into the “zone” and miss what’s going on with each other, so grabbing coffee or lunch and connecting with another human being to get away from the computer screen can be a welcome break from the daily grind. engage with your co-workers

Work becomes more efficient. A manager may already know an employee’s strengths, but learning what their passions are and what inspires them can add new meaning and drive and take that relationship to the next level. There’s a real purpose when someones strengths and passion are combined and pursued.

Greater level of awareness. Spending time together creates a bond… it creates a sense of trust. When you get to know each other on a personal level, mutual respect grows. Knowing someone’s triggers as well as their strengths can also improve communication and help with growing a successful and motivated team. Things and events that take place outside of work can help give you a better understanding of what goes on at work.

Your coaching skills increase. When you take the time to get to know your employees, you will understand how each individual receives feedback and praise. This will allow you to become a more effective coach and manager that will be respected and appreciated by the team.

Builds trust with your “boss”. Breaking down that natural division of the manager/employee relationship helps build trust between you and your team member. When your employees can get to know the real you, they’ll feel more comfortable with you. By being yourself, you set the tone and encourage others to do the same. .

Finding ways to connect with employees can be as simple as grabbing lunch with them or taking a 15-minute walk together. Some companies promote this and encourage it more than others.

It’s important to find your own ways that you are comfortable with in order to engage with your co-workers.

Doing so removes some of that ‘boss wall’ and deference that can come with it.

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