How to Recruit for Biotech Startups

How to Recruit for Biotech Startups

Recruiting for biotech startups, especially in the first few years after its formation, presents several challenges. The main hurdle is your young company probably lacks the name recognition or legacy that drives recruitment at large pharma. Your dream candidates may not even know your start-up exists.

Fortunately, with savvy marketing you can attract prospective job candidates and raise company visibility.

Cast an SEO-friendly net

Most biotech startups use an inbound marketing approach to attract the right candidates, using SEO content to attract a large number of potential job seekers towards your company website or LinkedIn profile, before engaging with the smaller proportion of interested, qualified parties who explore further.

Build a brand that attracts your perfect job candidates

In today’s job market, the most sought-after candidates are free to choose positions at companies most aligned with their values. To attract these candidates your company website – one of the first things curious candidates view – should articulate your company values. A well-defined company brand and culture is the strongest recruitment tool you possess. Your website should also be intuitive for interested candidates to navigate, with careers information and openings displayed in a prominent location accessible from the home page.

Jobseekers respect transparency from recruiters, and you should be open and realistic about your company values when communicating with applicants. In a dynamic start-up where every employee contributes to the company’s success, an employee who isn’t aligned with company values is often more detrimental than a vacant position.

Personalize and streamline biotech startups recruitment process

Candidates see the job search and recruitment process with biotech startups as a preview of life as an employee…and with good reason! As mentioned above, your Careers website and application process should showcase your company at its best: can job candidates submit their resume and cover letter with one click, or do they have to copy everything on their resume into an online application program?

To overcome any disadvantage of poor name recognition your company might face, attend networking events to connect with potential candidates in-person. As a recruiter, you are the first and most important face of the company to prospective employees.

When recruiting via LinkedIn, don’t just share company content. Instead, engage with potential job candidates.

Author:  Claire Jarvis

Meet’s Mascots

Meet’s Mascots

You may know the team at as dedicated and hardworking scientific recruiters, but did you know that we also are animal lovers? This page is dedicated to our team’s pet, who we like to think of as our mascots. From puppies and dogs to cats and even a tortoise, check out the pictures below for all our furry friends!


Aly’s family pup is called Ella.  Ella is a hound mix that Aly adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem MA.

Carla has two kitties.  Jasper is a three and a half year old white with grey spots domestic short hair adopted from Dakin Humane Society in Springfield MA and Midna is a one year old black domestic short hair adopted from the MSPCA Angell in Jamaica Plain MA.  Midna has one scratched eye but can still see purrfect!

Carter’s pet is called JC.  JC is a short-leaved aloe plant that is 3 years old and was adopted as a new born in college.  He has been Carter’s best friend ever since!


Christina’s two adorable pups appearing angelic!  Patrick and Lady are 7 and 9 months and are rescue pups from Puerto Rico.

Laura has a one year old Goldendoodle named Sunny that loves to run and use her paws to get into whatever she wants, including her food storage bin!

Madison’s pup is a Frenchie named Vito!  He is 10 months old, which means he was adopted during quarantine and it shows!  Vito loves to be held/carried and run around with his wiffle ball bat.

Mike’s pup is named Elton.  He is a handsome Bernadoodle!

Sandra has a German Shepherd named Six who lives with her mother in California.  She also has a kitty named Gryffin who is 14 years old.  He was rescued as a kitten from a shelter in MA.  He’s named after Gryffindor house from Harry Potter!

Shereen is allergic but she still loves Husky’s.  Here is a pic of her friend’s Husky puppy when he was about 5 months old.

Sahana’s pup is named Winston.  He is a Maltese and will turn 14 years old in March!

Here are additional pictures of our beloved pets.