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With all the competition, it’s hard to find a job. That’s why we are here.

Why Choose Us

We understand the stress involved in looking for a job in the highly competitive pharma and biotech industries. Although we can’t always find your dream job, transparency is important to us and we strive to provide as much insight and assistance as we can.

Our honest feedback and suggestions are intended to help you succeeded and increase your chances of getting hired. These suggestions come from our years of experience in the industry and are for your benefit. We only present the top candidates to our clients and we want to help you be on that list.

By opting into our database, you can be among the first to know when new opportunities that fit your talents are listed.

What We Do

At we’re committed to matching the best talent with our clients’ job openings. We work to fill temporary openings, long-term positions, and executive roles. For our candidates, we strive to provide constructive feedback to help you hone your job search skills and increase your chances of being hired.

We act as a go-between with you and the client. In the event an interview is requested, we’ll schedule that on your behalf. We may offer suggestions for appropriate attire or other interview tips.Should a job offer be made, we’ll contact you to discuss the details and assist in coordinating your start date and other details.

By being transparent and honest with you, we’re able to increases everyone’s success and match candidates and positions more effectively.

How To Get Started

Getting started on finding your next opportunity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is easy. Check out our job search and sign up for our database to get notified of new opportunities as they become available.

Our recruiting team will be in touch to gather more information from you and set up an initial meeting. Should a client be interested in interviewing you, we’ll reach out to you and schedule the interview on your behalf. We may also offer suggestions for impressing the interview team such as appropriate clothing.

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our recruiting team has a deep understanding of the life sciences industry.

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How to Build Resilience as a Jobseeker

How to Build Resilience as a Jobseeker

by Cliff Mintz  There was a very insightful article in this past Tuesday's NY Times Science Section entitled "Building Resilience in MIdlife." that I thought was applicable to the challenges that many job seekers face while searching for a new job or pondering a...

Is Another Degree Necessary After Your PhD?

Is Another Degree Necessary After Your PhD?

by Clifff Mintz.  There was an interesting article in Science Careers Magazine this week entitled "Should you consider another degree after your PhD." The article traces the journey of several people who earned PhD degrees in science-related fields who...

Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

While a resume is a mandatory requirement for all job seekers, writing one that ultimately may lead to a job interview remains elusive to many job applicants in the biotech and biopharma industry. To that point, resume writing is more of an art than a science and it...

The Importance of the Recruiter Experience

The Importance of the Recruiter Experience

More talk about the Recruiter Experience? In pharmaceutical recruitment and biotech excutive placement, there is a lot of emphasis on the overall candidate experience. It’s highly suggested that offering candidates the best possible experience, regardless of the...

Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Career?

Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Career?

Is your job search or career advancement being hindered by the very people you call your friends? Although it may be disheartening to admit it, the answer may be “yes.” While most of us consider our friends advocates and allies, it is important to consider that not...

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