Biopharma Recruitment On Demand:  Recruiting-Results Without Hype’s  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service is a results-oriented,  cost effective, customizable hiring solution for biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations. Our progressive recruiting model pairs highly regarded biopharma recruiting veterans with black-belt researchers “sourcers” and back-end resources/tools such as a turnkey Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Career Portal to provide  efficient, high quality results in a value focused format.

We are not typical Biotech Recruiters…

Our Biotech and Pharmaceutical recruiters are industry trained, corporate and technical professionals with a proven track record. We can accomodate the vast majority of our client’s full-cycle recruiting needs.  Our highly-targeted, efficient and scalable  approach supports companies of all sizes-from new start-up ventures to established multinational conglomerates . Our services are cost-conscious and can scale up and down depending on our client recruiting needs. We utilize a simple hourly billing method so clients can easily see what they are paying for. We know that no two clients are the same so we provide customized, recruiting support that adapts to a given client’s structure.  This approach can support the entire position lifecycle from job concept through hire and all of the process elements in between.

Partner with recruiters who understand the business and the science of our clients

We know biopharma and we’re passionate about helping our clients find and hire the best talent. We engage candidates at a deeper level than other firms because we have worked in technical,  scientific and corporate roles. Candidates are more willing to engage with our consultants because of our industry expereince and focus. We’ve collectively built reputations for being at the top of our game for service delivery and value.

Scalable and Customizable Recruitment Consulting

Our nimble team can help in a variety of ways.

On-Demand, Adjunct Support

Our biotech recruiters and sourcers can bolt on to exising teams and help with heavy workloads or peak demand periods. This approach works well  for stand alone requisitions- “full-cycle” or as a source and screen effort that supports an internal client Talent Acquisition team

Internal, Embedded Recruiting Resource

Our team can provide on-site or off-site recruiting services that scale up or down as needed. We’ll serve as your dedicated on-site recruiting team and provide process infrastructure along with recruitment fullfillment as it logically relates to the need in tandem with other vendors

Managed Service Provider(MSP)

We can readily provide MSP services for large or small companies that have a need for a commercial or R&D build. We provide strategic and project mangement as well as fulfillment services and can manage any sub-vendors through any VSP( Vendor Management System) platform.  Our  RPO leaders have led large and small projects alike

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Biotech Recruiters Recruiting is Boston based  and specializes in recruitment for Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, & Life Sciences companies nationwide


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