Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral Researcher

Job Number: 56314

Location: Omaha, US

Job Description

The Krishnan Lab at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to study the mechanism(s) involved in neonatal anemia and RBC transfusion (RBCT) associated inflammatory response using murine model. The potential candidate is expected to characterize the immune cells and their hematopoietic origin that involved in RBCT-associated gut mucosal injury in murine neonates by immunofluorescence, IHC, multiplex and flow cytometry assays. The candidate will also be expected to write scientific abstracts and manuscripts resulting from such studies for presentation at scientific forums and publication in scientific journals.


Required Qualifications: PhD in Biochemistry or Biotechnology or Biomedical or Life sciences with relevant research experience.


Supplemental Qualifications: The candidate should have hands-on experience in preclinical animal model especially neonatal mice. Applicant is expected to be able to perform the immunological assays independently or with minimum supervision, as well as a strong willingness to collaborate with others in a team setting.



Application Deadline: 2023-09-30


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