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Negotiating a job offer

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Negotiating a job offer

Sci.bio Volunteers

August Promotions:

  • Jessica Byrd to HR Manager
  • Mary Abrams to Associate Director, HR
  • Carla Yacoub to Recruiting Partner

July New Hires:

  • Cody Michaud, Contractor
  • Daniel Smith, Recruiter
  • Madison Russo, Research Assistant/Contractor

June New Hires:

  • Kailey Sooppersaud, Recruiting Associate
  • Jennifer Daddio, Contractor

June Promotions:

  • Carter Lewis to Sr. Recruiting Associate
  • Jessica Byrd to Sr. Recruiting Associate
  • Aly Budny to Sr. Recruiting Associate

May 2022 Promotions:

  • Aqsa Yamin to Sr. Sourcing Associate/Team Lead

May 2022 Interns:

  •  Erin Gannon
  • Sandra Faustin

April 2022 New Hires:

  • Brooke Smith, Sourcing Associate
  • Musah Suhununu, Recruiting Associate

March 2022: Eric was recently interviewed by Fiercebiotech’s Kyle Lahuik.

March 2022 New Hires:

  • Charlotte Sanga, Sourcing Associate
  • Maria Carla Lepore, Sourcing Associate
  • Adam Sablay, Sourcing Associate
  • Lindsay Nollner, Sr. Sourcing Associate
  • Janel Fields, Sr. Recruiting Associate
  • Lauren Money, Recruiting Associate
  • Martha Navarro Huerta, Recruiting Associate

February 2022 Promotions:

  • Nini promoted to Sr. Sourcing Associate
  • Allison Ellsworth promoted to Sr. Director, Recruiting Operations

January 2022 Promotions:

  • Carla Yacoub promoted to Sr. Recruiting Associate
  • Kendra Hodges promoted to Sr. Recruiting Associate

December 2021: Mary Mandala, HR Manager joins the team!

October 2021: Begin move to a new office

October 2021: Madison Guinta promoted to Sr. Recruiting Associate!

August 2021: Held Alternative Careers in STEM discord webinar event

July 2021: Stacy Saltzer promoted to Senior Recruiting Partner

June 2021: Kay Chow has been promoted to Recruiting Partner

June 2021: New Hires:

  • Jessica Byrd, Recruiting Associate
  • Carter Lewis, Recruiting Associate
  • Meg Wise, Recruiting Partner

May 2021: Launched new HRIS

May 2021: Aly Budny hired as a Marketing and Recruiting Associate

April 2021: Shereen De Assuncao hired as HR Manager

April 2021: Kendra Hodges hired as a Recruiting Associate

February 2021: Carla Yacoub hired as a Recruiting Associate

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