2020 Recruiting for Diversity Ebook

Best practices for nurturing underrepresented talent. Tips for job postings/descriptions, outreach, and sourcing.

6 Steps to Building Your Recruiter Brand on LinkedIn EBook

Guide for establishing your recruiter brand on LinkedIn through designing your profile and your content.

A Practical Guide for Hiring Contractors in BioPharma

A whitepaper discussing the benefits, costs and management of 1099 contractors and W2 employees

Being a Stand-Out Contract Recruiter

Presentation by Eric Celidonio and Sahana Nazeer discussing the mindsets, characteristics, and behaviors of successful recruiters.

Biotech Salary Report WPQ

A life science report provided by BioSpace looking at trends, gaps, equity and average salaries among different biotech disciplines

Boolean Basics

Overview of how to use boolean strings, including operators and examples.

Boolean Strings

Quick reference guide for boolean operators and examples for resume searching

Candidate Assessment Form 2021

FIllable form with prompts to help focus on the qualifications needed from candidate interviews.

Candidate Phone Screens

Guide for prospect calls and email templates including the different types of communication for both active and passive candidates.

Chilca Sci bio Chrome Tool SOP

Instructions on downloading and using the Sci.bio chrome tool, which is used to import candidates directly into Kortivity from LinkedIn.


Learn the essentials and best practices for calling prospects and previous candidates/clients.

Compensation Fundamentals

Presentation by Julie Marlin going over salary ranges and the differences between exempt and non-exempt.

Cost Per Hire Whitepaper

A white paper exploring, defining and interpreting the key metric-cost per hire

Customer Service In Recruitment Powerpoint

Learn best practices for providing excellent customer service for both candidates and clients/hiring managers.

Driven Experienced Recruiters Equipped to find the best BioPharma talent

A one page overview with graphics to share with clients describing our services.

Email Templates Candidates

Collection of candidate communication email templates for recruiters that can be used at different stages in the hiring process.

Employer Branding Sourcing Lab Overview

A detailed presentation about the importance of the market’s perception of the company as an employer and how it influences your recruiting efforts.

Essential Guide for New Sourcers by HelloTalent

Overview of the sourcing function including definitions, fundamentals and what makes a good sourcer.

Getting to “Yes”

Presentation by Eric Celidonio discussing thoughts and mindsets for closing deals

Guide to screening candidates 30 essential behavioral interview questions to ask

Linkedin’s guide to using behavioral interview questions. Includes a collection of questions you can use.

Immigration and Visas

Overview of different visas, including what each common visa means and how they affect the recruitment process.

Improving Your Position Fill Rate

Kortivity Process Workflow Chart

Description of how different internal roles can utilize Kortivity

Likor SOP

Instructions for downloading and using the Likor tool, which is used to bulk import candidates directly into Kortivity via CSV file.

Mastering the Art and Finesse of Recruiting to Transform Outcomes

Presentation by Erica Arkin providing tips on becoming a true “talent advisor”

Offer Worksheet

Excel worksheet with formulas for creating competitive and equitable offers.

Outreach Emails

Tips for crafting personalized emails that help create warm candidates.

Phone Screen Outline

Overview of the flow of a call including opening, closing, and sample questions.

Positivity in Recruiting

Presentation by Danielle Cox on creating a positive client/candidate experience and practicing self-care as a recruiter.

Posting a Job on Linkedin Recruiter

Instructions on how to get your job posted on our Linkedin

Recruiter Nuance: Reading and Closing Candidates

Presentation by Erica Arkin on what to look for in candidate resumes and best practices for screening and submitting candidates.

Recruiting Life Cycle

Graphic showing the recruiting life cycle. Along with the “Candidate Selection and Interview Guide” can be customized and branded for different clients.

Requesting Reviews

Links and screenshots on how to ask candidates or clients to leave reviews on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Google.

Resume Screening

Guide for reviewing and narrowing down high volumes of resumes with email templates for candidate communication.

Resume Screening Hacks from Sci.bio_

Three page guide to help you sort through resumes and select a great candidate.

Sample Sheet for Tracking Candidates

Excel template for tracking sourced candidates and job descriptions.

Sci.bio Guide to Kortivity

Detailed overview of how to use Kortivity including opening new roles and updating candidate status.

SHRM Offer Letter Checklist

Use this checklist provided by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to ensure your offer letters contain the necessary elements.

SMART goals

Presentation by Allison Ellsworth and Mary Abrams discussing what SMART Goals are with tips for creating your own.

Template for Intake Call with HM Recruiter

This form can aid in guiding your kickoff calls and taking notes for a kickoff/intake call with a hiring manager/ recruiter Includes important questions or information to be gathered.

The Path From Drug Discovery to Commercialization

A high level Powerpoint presentation overview of the process a drug goes through from discovery to market

The Sci.Bio Resource Guide for Hiring in Biotech

A collection of links to over 20 articles in the categories attracting talent, screening, interviewing, selection and beyond.

Unbranded Candidate Selection and Interview Guide

nterview best practices and considerations. You can add client logos and customize the content as appropriate.

What Exactly Goes Into Payroll, Markup, and Margin

Presentation by Mary Abrams providing an overview of billing and what goes into a commission/contract.