Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Iroko Pharmaceuticals is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative treatment options for responsible pain management.

Through a dynamic, collaborative approach—including the use of novel and proprietary technologies—Iroko develops and commercializes products that help patients manage their pain responsibly
Iroko’s goal is to deliver value to patients, health care professionals, and other stakeholders
Iroko’s commitment to responsible pain management
For Iroko Pharmaceuticals, the phrase “responsible pain management” refers to therapeutic approaches to managing pain that carefully consider the impact potential adverse events can have on the health and well-being of patients. Iroko believes the term can and should serve as an effective call to action for the use of all pain medicines, including NSAIDs. In fact, decades of evidence demonstrate that the higher the NSAID dose, the higher the risk of certain serious adverse events.1-6

In this context, Iroko believes responsible pain management should involve:

Developing and delivering medicines that can effectively relieve pain
Carefully considering the risks and consequences that may result from patients taking such medicines
Engineering low-dose pain management options that address the dose-related risks of NSAIDs
Promoting awareness among health care professionals of the risks and consequences of pain management options, while also encouraging consideration of recommendations by regulatory and professional medical organizations
Understanding the larger implications of “responsibility,” not just in relation to patients, but in relation to communities and the environment at large
The story behind Iroko’s name
Iroko Pharmaceuticals is named for the majestic West African Iroko tree, whose deep roots and lush foliage symbolize stability, value, and continuous renewal.

The leaves of the Iroko tree represent our products, which reinvent and renew trusted approaches to managing pain
The trunk of the Iroko tree represents Iroko’s network of employees and partners
The roots of the Iroko tree represent the foundation of all Iroko does: Improving the lives of patients across the world
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Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC