Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Venkatesh Lab Post Doc

Job Number: 55399

Location: Boston, US

Job Description

The Venkatesh Lab ( is seeking a highly motivated scientist to join our pioneering research efforts in the emerging field of cancer neuroscience. Our lab’s exciting new area of research lies at the intersection of cancer biology and neuroscience – we focus on characterizing and therapeutically targeting electrical components of disease pathophysiologies. By improving our understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neuron-glioma communication and circuit formation in and outside of the brain, the Venkatesh Lab
aims to harness the systems level microenvironmental dependencies of tumor growth to develop innovative therapeutic treatments.

We are currently recruiting candidates for post-doctoral positions in the lab. The ideal candidate would have experience in any of the following areas: electrophysiology, stereotactic surgeries, 2-photon calcium imaging, bioinformatics, as well as a background in either neuroscience or cancer related fields.

If you are interested in cancer neuroscience and want to be involved in, please apply with your CV, a statement of research interest, and 3 references. Come join us where cancer meets neuroscience!

Application Deadline: 2023-10-17


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