Arbor Biotechnologies

Job Title: Structural Biology Lead

Job Number: 22975

Location: Cambridge, MA

Job Description

Arbor Biotechnologies is seeking an experienced individual to lead structural biology efforts for our newly discovered protein systems. Structural biology is a key component for translating our discovery into therapeutic application. As Principal Scientist, you will be responsible for initiating and developing structure biology pipelines through both internal initiatives and CROs. You will also be expected to use structural knowledge to provide mechanistic insights of protein systems, and work with protein engineers to guide structure-based designs and evaluate protein engineering and product development projects. You will be working with highly interdisciplinary teams to meet deadlines, achieve team objectives, and demonstrate key results. Previous industry experiences and management of a team and CROs are highly preferred.



  • Establish a structural biology program and lead a team to guide and support protein engineering and application development
  • Provide leadership and expertise in structural characterization and structure-based design
  • Perform protein expression and purification, crystallizing, X-ray structure determination and/or Cryo-EM structure determination through both internal initiatives and CROs 
  • Interact and manage collaborations with both internal teams and CROs

Required Skills


  • A Ph.D in structural biology and related fields with additional 2-5 years of experiences
  • Demonstrated ability to solve multiple protein structures and tackle difficult problems in protein crystallography, structural biology and biophysics
  • Extensive knowledge of protein structure and function, with familiarity with structural modeling and design
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • Integrity, creativity, drive, and collaboration

Preferred qualifications:

  • Ability to start as soon as possible
  • Strong knowledge or experience with both X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM techniques 
  • Strong knowledge or experience with structural modeling and design, and molecular dynamics
  • Industrial experience with managing external structural biology collaborations (CROs)
  • 2+ years of relevant industry experience and minimum commitment of 2 years


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