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Company:  Confidential

Job Title: SRA/RA Drug Discovery, Gene Therapy

Job Number: 33827


Job Description

We are currently seeking a Research Associate who is highly motivated and possesses a strong background in molecular biology to join our team. The primary goal of this role is to contribute to the expansion of our discovery research initiatives and support the advancement of our lead assets towards clinical development. The specific job title will be determined based on the candidate's experience.

This position, based in the laboratory, will involve close collaboration within a dynamic organization comprising drug discovery leaders, in vivo pharmacologists, and other scientists, as well as potential partnerships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs). The primary focus of responsibilities will be centered on the development of innovative gene therapy constructs and cell-based assays. These will be instrumental in facilitating testing and optimization before progressing to in vivo biodistribution and pharmacological studies in rodent models.

Given that we are a startup company, this position offers significant potential for professional growth and diverse opportunities across various areas of Research and Development (R&D). These opportunities span from in vivo pharmacology to cellular and molecular biology, bioanalytics, toxicology, and CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls). Additionally, there are prospects for collaboration with external partners.


 Collaborate with drug discovery leaders to create and clone innovative constructs, followed by in vitro testing using cell-based models.
 Conduct analytical assays to assess viral vectors intended for both in vitro and in vivo experiments.
 Employ a range of novel and routine assays to characterize gene therapies in cellular and animal models. These techniques include ddPCR, qPCR, western blots, FISH, IF, and other molecular imaging assays.
 Summarize data and deliver internal presentations to colleagues and management.
 Draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), adhere to established protocols, and meticulously document experimental findings in electronic laboratory notebooks.
 Actively foster a culture of innovation, learning, mutual respect, and trust within the team.

Required Skills

 Hold a Bachelor of Science or Master's degree in life sciences, and have accumulated at least 2 years of research experience, ideally in the field of drug discovery. Previous experience in the industry is a beneficial asset.
 Possess a scientific background with hands-on experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, and cellular biology. This includes proficiency in tasks such as DNA cloning, transfections, cell culture, and the extraction of RNA, DNA, and proteins. Additionally, familiarity with techniques like ddPCR, qPCR, Western blotting, and ELISA methods is required.
 Exhibit a readiness to acquire new laboratory skills, although prior familiarity with AAV-based gene therapies is advantageous.
 Demonstrate previous engagement in a collaborative, interdisciplinary team environment.
 Display strong multitasking and problem-solving abilities, along with effective verbal and written communication skills. Maintain a collaborative, team-oriented approach.

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary range: $63,000 to $106,000/year

Health Insurance (medical, dental, vision)
Life Insurance
Short- and Long-Term Disability
Paid Time Off (PTO)


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