Job Title: Sr. Scientist, Platform Chemistry

Job Number: 23320

Location: Cambridge, MA

Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated Senior Scientist to join our chemistry platform team.  The individual should have expertise in troubleshooting synthetic methodology and designing safe and scalable synthetic routes.


  • Expand internal chemistry capability, develop and optimize novel synthetic methodologies for stapled peptides.
  • Scientifically lead the experimental design to develop an efficient and quality synthesis of custom amino acids and as well as API to support IND-enabling studies
  • Develop methodology to enhance efficiency and throughput of reactions to produce next-generation cell-penetrating mini proteins.
  • Collaborate with analytical scientists to develop phase appropriate analytical methods, impurity isolation and identification.
  • Work collaboratively and communicate with other teams to ensure optimal coordination and efficiency across R&D.
  • Program and operate instrumentation such as automated parallel peptide synthesizers, HPLCs, and an analytical LC/MS.
  • Liaise with CROs and manage external projects to obtain compounds critical to achievement of corporate goals.
  • Ensure that the chemistry team completes day-to-day tasks professionally and safely.

Required Skills

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry with 5+ years of industry based synthetic chemistry experience required.
  • Extensive knowledge of cutting-edge chiral synthetic methodology and catalysis.
  • Strong track-record of bringing innovative solutions to solve chemistry problems.
  • Capacity to execute tasks independently to achieve company goals on an established timeline.
  • Excellent communication, organizational, multi-tasking, and teamwork skills.
  • Enthusiastic and adaptive to work in a dynamic research environment.


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