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Job Title: Senior Staff Scientist

Job Number: 70899

Location: New Haven, Connecticut, US

Job Description

Position Focus:

Senior Staff Scientist position available in the FIB-SEM Collaboration Core (F-SCC) ( of Yale School of Medicine. At the forefront of volume Electron Microscopy, the F-SCC utilizes the state of the art enhanced Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB-SEM) technology for large volume imaging with nanometer isotropic resolution. Under supervision of the Director of F-SCC, the candidate will play a leadership role in managing electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation lab within F-SCC. Explicitly, the candidate will be responsible for optimizing the existing electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation protocols of biological specimens and developing new methods for clinical specimens. The candidate is expected to perform independent research, experiments, and laboratory techniques, and work closely with supervisor, internal and external collaborators, and group members. Responsible for the daily operation of EM sample preparation lab within F-SCC, and related data analysis for research projects.

While the job duty will evolve according to the needs of the organization, specific responsibilities include:

  1. Carry out work requests using EM sample preparation methods with heavy metal staining and resin embedding, followed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging to evaluate sample quality. Perform transcardial perfusion on animal as needed.
  2. Optimize the existing electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation protocols of biological specimens.
  3. Develop new protocols for clinical specimens.
  4. Develop automated EM sample preparation pipeline.
  5. Participate in FIB-SEM sample preparation including sample mounting, trimming, and targeting to specific region of interest using ultramicrotome guided by x-ray micro-CT.
  6. Explore and develop new methods to support the advances in volume electron microscopy.

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Essential Duties:

  1. Carries out the wide range of specialized scientific methods and procedures used in the laboratory.
  2. Responsible for resource planning, allocation, and planning renovations. Determines, develops, and implements the operative framework of the laboratory as it relates to long-term goals, needs, and direction.
  3. Keeps abreast of newly-evolving technologies, instrumentation, and methodologies and purchases new instrumentation.
  4. Develops, analyzes, interprets, and summarizes scientific results.
  5. Establishes policies and procedures governing operation of the laboratory.
  6. Independently investigates and solves biotechnological problems as they arise through research and extensive literary searches. Determines subsequent experimental approaches.
  7. Independently decides when additional analyses are needed, arranges for the needed analyses and interprets the resulting design and implements customized protocols.
  8. Authorizes and organizes the use of laboratory and equipment to ensure timely completion of research projects.
  9. May perform other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience

Master’s Degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, or other related discipline and five years of experience or an equivalent combination of experience and education

Required Skill/Abilities:

  1. Proven ability to develop new EM sample preparation protocols and to automate EM sample preparation pipeline to support the advances in volume electron microscopy.
  2. Proven ability to operate instrument and modify its design for improved performance and troubleshoot associated issues.
  3. Proven ability to search and interpret scientific papers, protocols, standard operating procedures, safety standards, maintenance instructions and procedure manuals for laboratory equipment.
  4. Demonstrated capability to manage laboratory facilities and workspaces. Proven ability to plan project needs to optimize resources necessary for successful project completion.
  5. Proven ability to participate in writing of grant proposals and manuscripts.

Preferred Education, Experience and Skills:

Ph.D. degree in biology, chemistry, engineering, or other related disciplines plus seven or more years of relevant experience. Special considerations will be given to candidates who have strong background in EM sample preparation and EM protocol development and have strong interest in automation.

Application Deadline: 2024-06-04


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