Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Senior Scientist, Statistical Genetics

Job Number: 79112

Location: South San Francisco, US

Job Description


* Work in close collaboration with data science and functional genomics to integrate results from functional genomics studies with human genetics data for new target identification/prioritization * Leverage major scientific and technological advances, including investment in biobanks linked to large-scale human health databases, cutting-edge informatics platforms, breakthrough understanding of biological pathways, functional genomics capabilities * Identify and integrate data tools to expand analysis capabilities and maintain and up-to-date understanding of statistical genetics capabilities * Perform and interpret human genetic analyses using public and internal data to identify new targets and therapeutic hypotheses * Contribute to writing patents, reports and scientific publications

Required Skills

* Ph.D., M.D. or M.D.-Ph.D. with significant relevant experience in genetics/bioinformatics/computational biology and the biologic interpretation of human genetic data * Well versed in the management and analysis of large datasets, including those derived from SNP arrays and next-generation sequencing platforms * In depth knowledge with GWAS * Experience in the analysis of large-scale genomic association studies in complex genetic diseases including correcting for population stratification and imputation of genotypes. * A strong computational/statistical background (perl, python, R or others) is highly desirable * Experience with Mendelian Randomization (or other causality inference approaches) or analysis of crispr screens is a plus * Communication skills to clearly present data and your interpretation of the results * A highly motivated disposition and desire to push new scientific boundaries

Application Deadline: 2024-07-08


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