LifeMine Therapeutics

Job Title: Senior Research Associate, Analytical Chemistry

Job Number: 24445

Location: 100 Acorn Park Drive 6th Floor Cambridge, MA 02140

Job Description

We are seeking a motivated Bachelor’s or Master’s-level analytical chemist for our Cambridge site to support LifeMine’s Natural Product Discovery platform. The candidate should have extensive hands-on expertise in handling microbial or biological samples, LC-MS based bioanalytical analysis, and quantification of small molecules from complex matrices. The candidate will be responsible for developing analytical methods, data analysis and reporting analytical results for discovery projects. Experience with Agilent High-resolution LC-QTOF and SCIEX Triple Quadrupole QTRAP systems would be an advantage


  • Perform analytical scale microbial extractions and sample-preparation for LCMS analysis and downstream biochemical and biophysical activity assays.
  • Perform routine high-resolution LC-MS data acquisition to support metabolite profiling and metabolomic analysis.
  • Develop and implement state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based analytical methods to identify, characterize and quantify small molecule metabolites from complex microbial mixtures.
  • Perform data analysis on acquired data sets, and compile and communicate study findings in group, departmental, and other R&D meetings.
  • Operate and hands-on troubleshoot multiple analytical instruments including HPLC, QqQ, QTRAP and QTOF systems.
  • Evaluate new technologies for metabolite profiling and characterization.
  • Maintain chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation and associated analytical software.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry or related Chemistry field.
  • At least 5 years of industrial experience in pharmaceutical or biotechnology setting.
  • Experience in the use of LC-MS and LC-MS/MS systems for metabolite identification and quantitative analysis.
  • Experience working with complex biological matrices.
  • Knowledge of multiple types of analytical and chromatographic separation techniques, e.g. RP-HPLC, HILIC, SAEX, SEC and SPE.
  • Knowledge of bioanalytical principles, separation science, mass spectrometry and small molecule characterization.
  • Strong computer skills and experience with software-driven metabolite profiling (Agilent MassHunter, Waters MassLynx and Thermo Scientific Xcalibur).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills working in a collaborative multi-disciplinary team environment.
  • The successful candidate should be a quick learner, self-starter, enjoy working in a fast-paced dynamic team environment, and be motivated to develop and apply new technologies to advance the projects efficiently.


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