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Stealth NewCo Gene Editing & Delivery

Job Title: Scientist/Senior Scientist RNA cellular/molecular

Job Number: 31145

Location: Boston, MA

Job Description

Reporting to the Head of Molecular Technologies, the Scientist/Senior Scientist RNA Biology will contribute to a fast paced and innovative team of scientists and research associates focused on developing novel gene editing and delivery technologies. The goal of the Molecular Technologies team is to engineer these technologies at the mechanistic level, and to advance the cutting edge of delivery and gene editing systems. The individual in this role will leverage their deep expertise and knowledge of RNA structure and function to engineer RNA molecules as part of ribonucleoprotein complexes, ribozymes and cellular binding factors. The ideal candidate will have a track record of developing assays and techniques for interrogating RNA structure and activity, and an interest in translating your expertise into therapeutics. 


● Design and implement biochemical and biophysical assays to discover and interrogate interactions between RNA, proteins, and DNA. 

● Produce and optimize RNA reagents for both delivery and gene editing experiments. 

● Work collaboratively with computational and delivery teams to design and discover RNA biology for therapeutics. 

● Innovate and establish high throughput workflows with the discovery platform. 

● Manage external collaborations and screening campaigns. 

● Help drive emerging gene editing and delivery technologies towards human therapeutics. 

● Collaborate across various research teams within the company, communicate plans and discoveries, and help to foster thoughtful and productive scientific dialogue. 

● Document scientific progress with rigor, thoroughness, precision and an eye towards collaboration. 

Required Skills

● PhD in molecular biology, structural biology, biochemistry, molecular virology or cell biology, or similar with at least 3+ years’ hands-on research experience. 

● Strong candidates with Bachelors (8-10 years) or Masters (6-8 years) in related disciplines will also be considered. 

● A scientist with computational skills related to RNA prediction and folding is desirable but not a requirement. 

● A proven track record of expertise in RNA biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, computation or a related discipline. 

● Experience with enzymes and proteins involved in RNA metabolism is a major plus. For example; RNA dependent RNA polymerases, retrotransposases, spliceosomes, intron biology or other related fields. 

● An interest and understanding of the biophysics of protein:nucleic acid interactions and molecular machines. 

● Prior experience in CRISPR-based gene editing technologies, helicases, rational design, directed evolution of proteins and/or nucleic acids is not required but highly desirable. 

● Self-motivated, organized, and excellent communication skills.

Our stealth company is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, seeking to create a welcoming and diverse environment. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status or any other applicable legally protected characteristics. Valuing respect, curiosity and inclusivity is required. 


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