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Job Title: Scientist, Plasmid Engineer

Job Number: 22829

Location: Lexington, MA 02421

Job Description

We are looking for a scientific leader who will be responsible for driving our DNA design and production capabilities to continually provide next generation targets for our pipeline. The successful candidate will report to the Associate Director of RNA Sciences and be an integral part of the research organization.  This role will have responsibility for designing and synthesizing novel plasmid templates, creating processes for parallel growth and linearization as well as contributing to method establishment and production optimization.



  • Perform daily synthesis, linearization and purification of plasmids for mRNA production team
  • Design, develop and characterize next generation plasmid templates including novel signaling moieties, linkers, fusions, etc.
  • Utilize scientific methodologies to create approaches for enhancement of untranslated region (UTR) and CDS regions in gene design
  • Implement successful DNA sequencing techniques and apply cutting-edge sequencing processes and instrumentation towards characterization.
  • Develop processes for high throughput plasmid manufacturing and analyses which will utilize automation technology
  • Apply protein engineering principles towards construct design for next generation therapeutic candidates
  • Maintain DNA inventory and database for discovery research organization
  • Prepare technical reports and presentations for clear communication of scientific findings across interdisciplinary teams
  • Assume additional responsibilities as assigned.

Required Skills

Required Skills

  • M.S. or Ph.D. in a related field (e.g. cell, molecular or structural biology, biochemistry, protein engineering, biotechnology)
  • 8+ years (M.S.) or 1-3 years (Ph.D.) of pharmaceutical/biotech experience
  • Extensive hands-on molecular biology skills in plasmid construct design, cloning, DNA isolation, linearization, DNA sequencing, and analysis of DNA and protein sequences required
  • Comprehensive experience in PCR, gel electrophoresis, restriction digestion, cloning, bacterial transformation, nucleic acid purification, and sequence chromatogram analysis is required
  • Fluent, comprehensive understanding of design and applications of signal sequences, linkers, fusion proteins, antibodies, etc. towards novel plasmid constructs
  • Experience in miniaturizing and automating high-throughput analysis preferred
  • Experience in protein engineering using known structures and homology-based models and familiarity with structural modeling software, such as Schrodinger Bioluminate, MOE, or Rosetta, and Pymol for structure visualization desired.
  • Demonstrated track-record of progressing multiple projects forward under tight timelines
  • Desire to work in a team-first, fast-paced environment, learn new skills, and to efficiently solve problems
  • Attention to detail with strong organizational, record-keeping, and communication skills


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