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Stealth NewCo Gene Editing & Delivery

Job Title: Scientist – CNS/PNS Human Disease Modeling

Job Number: 31389

Location: Boston, MA

Job Description

We are seeking a Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Human Disease Models CNS/PNS, with expertise in working with iPSC-derived cell types and technologies for modeling central and peripheral nervous system disorders. In this role you will have the opportunity to take a critical role in our Human Disease Model group and to work closely with our delivery and editing technologies teams. We offer you an exciting position that combines growth opportunities with intellectual rigor and creativity that will lead to next generation in vivo genomic medicines.


● Developing and maintain human CNS and PNS disease models (2D and 3D differentiation)
● Establishing differentiation protocols for neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and microglia
● Building cell-based assays for validating our gene delivery and editing technologies
● Developing assays for quantifying disease phenotypes and apply gene editing for phenotype correction
● Working closely with our technology groups and execute assays to screen novel gene delivery and genome editing systems
● Interpret and communicate findings and results, maintain laboratory notebooks with scientific integrity
● Supervising team members and managing CROs
● Actively participate in discussions about data and research directions with the team, develop functional and screening assays.

Required Skills

● PhD degree in neuroscience, cell biology or related field with 5+ years of relevant
work experience
● Experience in industrial research setting preferred
● Significant cell culture experience including differentiation of human iPSC-derived
CNS and PNS cell types in 2D and/or 3D
● Experience with cell-based functional assays such as viability/proliferation and
cytotoxicity and phenotypic characterization
● Experience with FACS, immunostaining techniques and imaging
● Knowledge of gene delivery methods including transfection, electroporation, viral
and non-viral based methods
● Self-motivated, scientifically rigorous with strong organizational skills, and a
commitment to keep accurate, detailed experimental records
● Independence with cell culture work; scientific curiosity and a willingness to ask
questions and learn new research methods
● Interest and flexibility in working for a small but growing organization


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