Seres Therapeutics

Job Title: Scientist Immuno-Oncology

Job Number: 23009

Location: Cambridge, MA

Job Description

At Seres Therapeutics, we have a singular mission – transform the lives of patients by targeting the underlying cause of their diseases.  We are pioneers and explorers, charting a new course.

As the expert in Immuno-Oncology, you’ll have the opportunity to define and perfect your career by designing our immuno-oncology program.  The decisions you make will have a significant impact on our successes which includes driving our collaborations with large pharma. Come in quickly and get it moving!


Seres needs an Immuno-oncologist who is ready to advance their career beyond working in traditional cancer biology.  Take your knowledge of immunology/tumor immunology and build on your in vitro and in vivo research experiences. We ARE the cutting edge of Immuno-oncology breaking new grounds outside the next check-point inhibitors.  Seres is where you will push the needle to create better therapies for patients.

If you’ve been looking for a company where you can research how the microbiome may increase cancer survival rates then this partnership is for you.  We want you to be with us as we make this happen; only a handful of companies are doing this so why not consider the one who is leading the Microbiome revolution?

This opportunity is rare.  You may never get the chance to work in a company like Seres where you can work along-side gnomic experts, transcript, top professionals from big data, germ-free mouse experts, and an incredibly creative manufacturing team.  The exposure you’ll have to all levels of employees at Seres, including senior level managers, will be invaluable – it will be such a different experience from what you’ve become familiar with. Just think about the conversations you could have with a colleague about whole genomics or bioinformatics – pretty interesting.  But, if you’re ready to talk beyond the scientific community and are looking to build your experience with the business side of the industry then we really want to hear from you.

Required Skills

Our biggest requirement for this position is that you have great experience with human or mouse immunological assays and datasets including flow cytometry as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the basics of cellular immunology, as it applies to cancer.  We are looking for a PhD Scientist in cellular and/or tumor immunology with post-doctoral experience. Industry experience is attractive to us but not required.


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