LifeMine Therapeutics

Job Title: Scientist I, Medicinal Chemistry

Job Number: 24448

Location: 100 Acorn Park Drive 6th Floor Cambridge, MA 02140

Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD-level synthetic organic or medicinal chemist to join our growing Medicinal Chemistry Team. The primary role of the position is to design and synthesize complex, hypothesis-driven target molecules and to analyze SAR and other relevant biological data to progress said molecules from hit to lead through candidate nomination stages.  Key to success in role will be deep knowledge of and experience with modern synthetic strategies and purification / analytical techniques combined with creativity and urgency to drive our mission forward.  The role also offers an opportunity to collaborate with and cross-train in our Natural Products Chemistry Team.


  • Utilize modern synthetic strategies and medicinal chemistry principles to design, develop, and execute synthesis of target molecules to drive project progression.
  • Isolate and purify compounds by flash chromatography, HPLC, and other methods. Confirm identities of synthesized molecules by NMR, MS, and other relevant techniques.
  • Analyze SAR, crystallographic and other relevant biological data such as PK/PD, bioavailability, and cell permeability to design and progress new analogues from hit to lead through candidate nomination.
  • Research current literature to formulate synthetic and medicinal chemistry strategies. Evaluate and implement new reactions, techniques and technologies to advance the projects.
  • Conduct independent research and demonstrate scientific leadership within the project team and across departments. Collaborate with all the functions within the Company to advance our science.
  • Accurately document experiments and results in laboratory notebooks in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain a safe and productive laboratory environment.
  • Prepare and present experimental results, analysis, and plans in R&D meetings.

Required Skills

  • PhD in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or related field.
  • 1-2 years industry experience preferred
  • Expert knowledge of and experience in current synthetic methods and medicinal chemistry principles.
  • Expertise in isolation and purification techniques such as flash chromatography and HPLC as well as modern analytical techniques such as NMR and LCMS.
  • Strong publication record demonstrating ability to conduct research projects independently and collaboratively.
  • Knowledge of good laboratory and safety practices.
  • Excellent written, organizational and documentation skills.
  • Ability to communicate progress effectively with colleagues and managers.
  • Spirit of collaborative research to enable success in a team environment.
  • The successful candidate should be self-motivated, enjoy working in a fast-paced dynamic team environment, and be inspired to develop and apply new technologies to advance projects efficiently.


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