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Job Title: Research Associate 2

Job Number: 62417

Location: Cleveland, US

Job Description

Date: August 9, 2023

Title: Research Assistant 2

Department: Physiology & Biophysics, Case Western Reserve University

School: Medicine

Location: SOM, Robbins, Room E-619,

Supervisor Name and Title: Nami Tajima, Assistant Professor



The major research interest of the lab is to explore the molecular and cellular mechanisms of ion channels and receptors involved in basic brain functions and neurological diseases and disorders. Our laboratory uses a wide variety of techniques, including electrophysiology, biochemical & biophysical techniques, cryo-electron microscopy, and X-ray crystallography (detailed information: see

Together with talented scientists from our team, you will be responsible for supporting ongoing experiments – conducting protein expression and purification, as well as analyzing the protein interactions, properties and functions. The duties include preparing buffer solutions, performing mammalian and insect cell cultures, purifying native and recombinant proteins with affinity tags, performing protein characterization according to standard operating procedures, maintaining laboratory equipment and manage supplies. You will be expected to interact with the PI, students, and postdoctoral fellows in a small group. This position offers a significant opportunity for learning molecular and structural biology techniques and career growth in academia.



1.     COMMUNICATION, PRESENTATION, NOTE TAKING & DATA ANALYSIS (15%): Maintains well-organized records of results and methodology; compile, interpret/analyze and communicate data/results appropriately; present experimental plans and results during regular meetings.

2.     LAB BASICS (15%) Perform calculations involving molarity, % solutions, serial dilutions etc; prepare various buffers and reagents for experiments; perform general molecular biology, including cloning, plasmid preparation, bacterial transformation, bacterial culturing, DNA purification, and RNA preparation; follow University safety protocols.

3.     CELL CULTURE (20%): Grow, maintain, and harvest mammalian, insect, and bacterial cell cultures; perform transfection and infection in mammalian and insect cells.

4.     PREOTEIN PREPARATION (40%): Purify native and recombinant proteins by affinity tags and other chromatographic analysis; prepare, operate and troubleshoot equipment in experimental procedures; Assist in experiments as directed; other projects or responsibilities as may be required.

5.     LAB MAINTENANCE (10%): Maintain laboratory equipment and manage supplies; maintain sterile conditions; organize repairs/replacement of equipment; handing disposal of bio-hazardous waste; in general, ensure that the day-to-day operations of the lab are running smoothly; recognize problems and suggest solutions.



Perform other duties as assigned.



Department: Daily frequent contact with supervisor to discuss research and maintain workflow. Moderate contact with postdoctoral fellows and PhD students in collaboration in common research project.

University: Infrequent contact with staff, faculty or students as needed to share information. Utilize core university facilities for experimentation and maintain strong relationship with core mangers for research collaborations.

External: Limited or no contact with vendors to exchange information.

Students: Contact occasionally with student employees to exchange information.



This position has no direct supervision of staff employees. Train new staff; direct the work of students.



1.     Bachelor/master graduate with experience in biological sciences.

2.     1 to 3 years of related research experience is essential.



1.     Basic knowledge of molecular and cellular biology.

2.     Good analytical skills.

3.     Ability to perform basic computer operations.

4.     Ability to follow instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.

5.     Ability to operate laboratory equipment.

6.     Demonstrated ability to be detail-orientated, organized, and work well in small work groups.

7.     Ability to interact with colleagues and supervisors face to face.

8.     Ability to work effectively independently and within a team.

9.     Good organization skills, ability to multi-task, prioritize and give attention to detail in order to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

10.   Ability to follow-through on assigned projects and provide timely follow-up as needed.

11.   Ability to meet consistent attendance.

12.   Skills in protein expression and purification is a plus.



Laboratory is located in a designated space within the School of Medicine. There are frequent interruptions and distractions. May have exposure hazards. Appropriate laboratory apparel might be required including lab coat, gloves and safety glasses when appropriate.

Application Deadline: 2023-09-30


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