Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Research Assistant (Entry Level)

Job Number: 80717

Location: Baltimore, US

Job Description

Job Summary:

The Data Science I group, headed by [Please click the Apply button for the link or email], has a Research Assistant I, Data Science position available immediately. The Research Assistant will work on single cell and spatial transcriptomics projects in close collaboration with the Molecular Neuroanatomy group, headed by Dr. Kristen Maynard. This position is open to computational biologists seeking a position within a translational research setting with a focus on next generation sequencing projects using 10x Genomics single cell RNA-sequencing and Visium technology in postmortem human brain tissue. The Research Assistant will work in collaboration with other team members to analyze data from planned transcriptomic projects that aim to create single cell maps of gene expression in human brain and examine associations with neuropsychiatric disease. We are looking for someone who can contribute to our team environment and who is motivated to analyze data from new technologies and apply computational methods to human brain data. 

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Application Deadline: 2024-07-19


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