• Full Time (Salaried)
  • Boston, MA

Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Principal Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry

Job Number: 25149

Location: Boston, MA

Job Description


• Serve as medicinal chemistry lead for internal drug discovery projects and drive to clear decision points to ensure timeline adherence and project alignment with company goals.
• Prioritize medicinal chemistry activities, managing both internal and external chemistry resources to ensure timeline adherence and project alignment with company goals.
• Work intimately within the chemistry and computational design group to evaluate and prioritize new compound designs in weekly design meetings.
• Establish and maintain a clear understanding of the internal computational capabilities, and how to apply these tools to support new compound design.
• Build, critically interpret and react to structure activity relationships incorporating structural information and physicochemical properties.
• Possess a clear and effective communication style to disseminate project data and medicinal chemistry approach to both internal colleagues and external collaborators
• Build and maintain productive relationships with cross functional colleagues in computational simulation, computational development and structural biology and biophysics.

Required Skills

  • Ph.D. with 8+ years’ experience working in a pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology setting as a medicinal chemist or equivalent experience.
  • Experience serving as a chemistry leader for drug discovery projects, building a chemistry flow scheme and advancing compounds from hit-to-lead through lead optimization and in vivo studies. Experience leading cross-functional project teams is highly desirable.
  • Experience in managing external and internal chemistry resources to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency and the ability manage timelines and resources to drive projects toward key decision criteria.
  • Highly knowledgeable in the understanding of the relationship between physiochemical and ADME properties on drug exposure, and the integration of this information into compound design and profiling.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience with the fundamentals of structure-based drug design and how to use these concepts to drive compound optimization.


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