Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postgraduate Associate Position in Neuroscience/Neuroimmunology

Job Number: 76983

Location: New Haven, US

Job Description

The Favuzzi Lab in the Department of Neuroscience & Wu Tsai Institute at Yale University, is seeking a driven and dedicated postgraduate associate interested in studying neuroimmune interactions and brain wiring, including how microglia interact with neurons and synapses in health and disease.

We hold a strong commitment to mentorship and strive to cultivate a supportive, diverse, and inclusive environment where our trainees can flourish. Alongside providing scientific and technical guidance, we are deeply invested in your personal and professional success, guiding you toward your next career endeavor, be it pursuing a PhD or venturing into staff or lab management roles.

This position presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking both intellectual exploration and hands-on experience prior to embarking on PhD programs, as well as those eyeing future roles in laboratory management.

Training in Wet Lab Skills:

As a Postgraduate Associate, you will receive comprehensive training in a spectrum of experimental techniques, including but not limited to mouse work (colony maintenance, genotyping, perfusion, and surgery), cell biology and histological techniques (immunohistochemistry, confocal imaging, and cell cultures), and molecular biology (e.g., cloning). Previous lab experience in at least one of these techniques will be preferred.

The Favuzzi Lab integrates various methodologies, such as molecular approaches (e.g., spatial transcriptomics and single-cell multiomics), in vivo two-photon imaging, and cutting-edge viral and transgenic tools. You will be exposed to these techniques, with the potential for advanced training in specific areas over time.

While a significant portion of your time will be dedicated to bench work and scientific discovery, you will also play a role in general lab management, encompassing tasks such as lab ordering, animal colony management, and aiding in regulatory compliance.

Lab’s Dedication to Your Intellectual Growth:

Beyond honing your laboratory skills, we are deeply committed to fostering your intellectual development. You will actively participate in designing, executing, and analyzing experiments. Engaging in lab meetings and journal clubs will not only broaden your understanding of experimental implications but also encourage you to formulate your own inquiries.

Prior Experience and Requirements:

The ideal candidate for this position will hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biology, neuroscience, or related fields. Prior lab experience in at least one of the aforementioned techniques is preferred. Proficiency in working with mice or a willingness to learn is essential.

Lab Values:

At the Favuzzi Lab, we uphold the following values:

  • Mutual respect, empathy, and safety
  • Enthusiasm and motivation
  • Honesty, trustworthiness, and accountability
  • Commitment to quality
  • Organization and clarity
  • Creativity and innovation

If these values resonate with you, we encourage you to reach out. Please include details about your background, aspirations, and research interests, and we will initiate further discussions.

The position is initially for a period of 1 year, with possible reappointment for a second year. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

Application Deadline: 2024-10-08


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