Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral/Research Associate in a collaborative neuroscience environment

Job Number: 72707

Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey, US

Job Description

We are recruiting a Postdoctoral Associate or Research Associate who wishes to advance their career with excellent mentorship and research opportunities that position them for leading roles in academia or industry. Our expanding research program applies systems neuroscience and integrative biology approaches to address two main focus areas: (1) Understanding the neuropathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders (primary focus on Tourette syndrome) and comorbid neuropsychiatric conditions (OCD, ADHD, ASD) using novel mouse models or human IPSCs engineered to express human mutations in high-confidence Tourette genes. Current projects in the lab include (but are not limited to) addressing circuit mechanisms for dopamine dysregulation in mouse models, and how this impacts circuits that control motor functions, reward learning, and habit formation. (2) Cellular interactions and signaling pathways that regulate the development, functions, and long-term maintenance of meningeal lymphatic vessels and brain-waste clearance systems (glymphatic system). Current projects in the lab seek to address roles for cerebrospinal fluid and immune cells in these processes, and how these regulate brain functions. Applicants have the exciting opportunity to work in either (or both) of these focus areas, providing exposure to multiple fields and enhancing career opportunities. 

Our lab incorporates multiple techniques, tools, and approaches including human/mouse genetics, human IPSCs, histology, mouse behavior and operant conditioning, slice electrophysiology, in vivo imaging/recordings, in vivo drug delivery, and machine learning. Applicants will work in a collaborative team setting within The Collaborative Center for Neuroscience, and will have exposure to various techniques, tools, and expertise utilized by affiliated and neighboring labs. Affiliated labs have interests in stem cells and brain organoid models, cortico-striatal/basal ganglia circuits, cognitive and sensorimotor behavior, neuroimmunology, addiction, pain, and spinal cord physiology.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in neurobiology, cell/molecular biology, or a related field in the life sciences, with one or more first author publications in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. Candidates must have effective communication skills and be highly motivated, self-driven, and interactive, with the ability to work collaboratively and independently. Experience and familiarity with one or more of the following is desirable: mouse genetics, stereotactic surgeries, in vivo drug delivery, electrophysiology, fiber photometry, chemo/optogenetics, and mouse behavior. Experience with script writing and coding skills is a plus, but coding support is available within our team. This position requires experience and willingness to work with mice, and the ability to help train students and junior lab members. Applicants are expected to assist with manuscripts and the dissemination of research results at conferences and public forums. Applicants can expect the PI to devote significant time to mentorship and career development. Salary will be negotiable, very competitive (with stipulated annual raises exceeding 20% within four years), and commensurate with experience. Generous healthcare and other benefits are provided.



Application Deadline: 2024-07-21


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