Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral positions in ecology, evolution, and genetics of Dictyostelium

Job Number: 61665

Location: Saint Louis, US

Job Description

The Queller-Strassmann group at Washington University in St. Louis has postdoctoral positions for someone interested in exploring this fascinating microbial system. Current funding is for studying D. discoideum as a super-generalist predator. For example, how do they manage to defeat so many bacterial defenses? What are the costs of feeding on multiple bacteria, or in switching among them? What are their abilities to detect and choose different bacteria? Do predation-related genes evolve rapidly? But we are also open to ideas from you within the general area of social evolution, symbiosis, and predator-prey interactions in microbes. We have about 200 wild-collected bacteria from D. discoideum fruiting bodies ripe for study. Approaches can include genetics, genomics, microbiome, field, laboratory, or experimental evolution.

David Queller and Joan Strassmann lead a friendly and interactive team of highly motivated, creative, and smart investigators. Check out our website, ( for more information on our lab, or Strassmann’s blog ( We want what is best for you and want to help you towards your goals. Funding can last two or more years, though we encourage and help you apply for your own funding. We pay for you to attend meetings, have plenty of funds for supplies, sequencing, and needed equipment. We are part of the Living Earth Collaborative in Biology at Wash U and have a great seminar series and other supportive activities. We believe in outreach and have a summer program at the Ferguson Farmers’ Market. Our group is a place you can flourish.

If you are interested in joining our group, please send an email to Joan Strassmann ([Please click the Apply button for the link or email]) with a single file including CV, statement of research interests, and the names, phone numbers, and email addresses and phone numbers of a couple of references.  Women and underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply.  We will begin reviewing applications as we receive them and will continue to accept them until the positions are filled.  Start date is flexible.

Application Deadline: 2024-02-02


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