Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral Position in Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology

Job Number: 69504

Location: Manhasset, US

Job Description

An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Lionel Blanc, Ph.D at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Manhasset, NY. The laboratory studies the molecular and cellular bases of blood cell production, with an emphasis on red cell production in health and diseases. Red cell disorders affect more than a billion people worldwide, are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, and lead to a substantial economic burden. Our research is focused on erythropoiesis and how this process goes awry in disorders such as Diamond-Blackfan anemia, sickle cell disease, and anemia of inflammation([Please click the Apply button for the link or email]). We are looking for productive, highly motivated individuals to work in these different areas. The ideal candidates are expected to think creatively and flourish in an integrated team (Please see our website for more information: [Please click the Apply button for the link or email]). A strong background in molecular and cell biology is required and prior expertise in mouse handling and flow cytometry is desired. Qualified candidates must have a PhD in biology or other relevant fields, a strong publication record, and excellent oral and written English communication skills. Applicants should submit a CV, including a brief statement of research interest and experience.

Application Deadline: 2024-02-29


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