Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellowship – chemogenetic modulation in NHP parkinson’s model

Job Number: 71569

Location: New York City, US

Job Description

We are seeking a post-doctoral research scientist to work within a collaborative multidisciplinary research team investigating the use of chemogenetics and focused ultrasound in nonhuman primates for the potential treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. The team spans the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute, and combines the expertise of Neuroscientists and Neurologists. The teams key members include Drs. Charles Schroeder, Serge Przedborski, Vince Ferrera, Brian Russ, Arnaud Falchier and Kimberly Kwei.
The fellow’s main research project would entail investigating the efficacy of circuit-specific chemogenetic manipulation within the nonhuman primate brain. The research will involve, but not be limited to, nonhuman primate behavior, neuroimaging (MRI and PET), focused ultrasound, and DREADDs. We are interested in developing the research interests of the candidate, and are willing to expand our research program with new and exciting research directions related to the overarching goals of the research program. 
The ideal candidate would have a background in systems and translational neuroscience with an emphasis on nonhuman primate and/or Parkinson’s research. Expertise in training nonhuman primates, chemogenetic techniques, and programming skills (Python and/or Matlab) would be preferential. 

Interested applicants should send a brief description of their research interests (1-2 paragraphs) and CV to Dr. Brian Russ  and Dr. Arnaud Falchier .

Application Deadline: 2024-03-31


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