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Job Title: Postdoctoral fellow or staff scientist position in neuroproteomics

Job Number: 69988

Location: Chicago, US

Job Description


The laboratory of Dr. Jeffrey Savas at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago seeks to hire a postdoctoral fellow or staff scientist.

The candidate will primarily work on a recently funded project entitled “Enhancing Cochlear Proteome Fidelity to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss”. The overarching long-term goal of this project is to develop a new therapeutic strategy to prevent noise induced hearing loss. We are also interested in studying long-lived cochlear proteins and examining the mechanisms underlying excitotoxicity in acquired hearing loss and during aging. These studies employ techniques of auditory functional testing, cellular electrophysiology, systems biology, proteomics, protein biochemistry, histology, immunofluorescence, metabolic stable isotopic labeling, and quantitative image analysis. The applicant would also have an opportunity to explore their own independent interests using the labs tandem mass spectrometers (MS) and expertise in proteomics.

In our previous studies, we exposed mice to noise that cause temporary and permanent hearing loss and analyzed the cochlear proteome with quantitative MS to determine how noise insults affect the cochlea. We analyzed the cochlear proteome acutely after noise exposure and during the recovery period two-weeks after exposure. Interesting we found that auditory overstimulation causes many proteins to misfold and selective gene expression of proteasome subunits and protein chaperones. Recently, using spatial transcriptomics we determined that a large panel of genes encoding proteasomal subunits are selectively expressed in spiral ganglion neurons.  

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The ideal candidate should have a PhD in Neuroscience or auditory physiology and have experience in some of the following: synapse anatomy and function, protein biochemistry, histological analysis of mouse cochlea, and ABR testing of cochlear function. Candidates with a MS or BS will also be considered. Computational skills are a plus.  Desire to work independently and in groups is essential. Previous experience with proteomics or the inner ear is not required. The candidate should be prepared to make a commitment to ground-breaking research and work well with others in a vibrant academic research environment.

Please send a curriculum vitae to:
Jeff Savas, PhD
Department of Neurology
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL, USA



Application Deadline: 2024-02-29


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