Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow – Microbiology

Job Number: 76046

Location: Cambridge, US

Job Description

Our lab’s primary focus is on bacterial-encoded domesticated viruses, known as gene transfer agents, that package random sections of the host genome for use in genetic exchange. These virus-like entities are non-infectious and cannot replicate themselves, but are able to transduce random sections of the genome within a population. We aim to characterize gene transfer agent diversity, regulation and species-specificity across the Tree of Life.

More broadly, bacteria constantly face a life-and-death struggle against lethal stresses in their microscopic world. We study how microbes adapt to their ever-changing environment, using simple and complex survival strategies. We hope to deeply understand how bacteria react and respond to stress and use this knowledge to engineer useful functions in bacteria. 

We invite applications from postdoctoral candidates with backgrounds in microbiology and molecular biology. Ideally, the candidate will have experience with bacterial husbandry, cloning, genetics, microscopy/biological imaging and/or protein biochemistry. A strong publication record in microbiology/molecular biology demonstrating these skills is highly preferred. Additional consideration will be given to applicants with a background in bioinformatics.

Application Deadline: 2024-08-31


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