Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow in Phylogenomics/Bioinformatics

Job Number: 70608

Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US

Job Description

Phylogenetic trees are powerful tools that help us build hypotheses of the sequence of diversification events and the evolutionary relationships among organisms. They are of particular interest when studying early life on Earth because we can infer what the most ancient bacterial and/or archaeal clades are, when these clades first diversified, the environmental conditions that prevailed at the time of their diversification, or how the Last Common Ancestor potentially looked like.

The ELME Lab in the Earth Science Department at UC Santa Barbara is looking for a postdoctoral researcher that is excited about the origin and evolution of microbes. Candidates are expected to have a PhD (or close to finish a PhD) in Biology, Bioinformatics, Geobiology, Computational Biology, or related fields. Experience with bioinformatics and phylogenomics is required.

Specific projects will be related but not limited to:

  • Developing methods to accurately reconstruct phylogenetic trees of Bacteria and Archaea.
  • Assessing the phylogenetic placement of early-branching clades of Bacteria and Archaea.
  • Exploring and reconstructing the environmental context that allowed the diversification of life on Earth.
  • Happy to hear your research ideas and interests!

POSITION WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL FILLED. Starting salary is 65K/year and starting date can be as early as September, 2024.

Application materials must include: 1) a CV (make sure you include three references!) and 2) a cover letter with a brief description of your research experience and interests. Be sure to mention how your research interests align with the goals of the ELME Lab.

More on my personal website:

Application Deadline: 2024-08-15


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