Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoc Researcher – Shao Lab – University of Delaware

Job Number: 57063

Location: Newark, US

Job Description


A post-doctoral researcher position is available in the lab of Dr. Lisha Shao. This is a unique opportunity to conduct cutting edge neuroscience research, and work with a small team of students and staff in the development of new projects.


The post-doctoral researcher will use advanced scientific approaches to examine the molecular and neural mechanisms of reward-driven behaviors of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Refer to Dr. Shao’s research profile ( and the Shao Lab website ( for more information.

Specifically, the candidate will use established molecular, genetic, biochemical, fluorescence microscopy, and behavioral techniques to assess neural morphology, neural activity, and fruit fly behaviors. The candidate must possess creative thinking and ingenuity to adapt scientific techniques to address novel scientific questions. The research will involve collaborations and interactions with other researchers locally, nationally and abroad. The candidate will be expected to plan and carry out research tasks independently and write-up/present findings on a regular basis. We are committed to mentoring and training the post-doctoral researcher and providing the support needed to reach their career goals.


A Ph.D. in the Biological/Life Sciences (neurobiology, or biophysics and bioengineering) is required. Experience also required in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and ability to bring research projects to completion and publication. Candidate must be familiar with basic molecular and biochemistry techniques, including PCR, qRT-PCR, western blot etc. Experience in confocal and/or two-photon microscopy, quantitative image analysis, fruit fly genetics, anatomy, and behavioral experiments is preferred.Good written and oral communication skills, as well as excellent work ethics, are also expected. Candidates are expected to have published one or more first author articles from their prior research work.


Commensurate with experience

Applications close: Open until filled

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Application Deadline: 2023-12-07


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