Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoc Position in Single-Molecule Biophysics

Job Number: 64704

Location: NEW YORK, US

Job Description

The Laboratory of Prof. Arne Gennerich at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine invites applications for a Postdoc position. Positioned in New York City, the lab welcomes applicants with strong backgrounds in biophysics, protein biochemistry, or molecular biology. Those who have a keen interest in delving deep into the molecular functions and dysfunctions of microtubule-associated motor proteins are particularly encouraged to apply.

About the Gennerich Laboratory:

The Gennerich lab has a deep-rooted interest in understanding the intricate molecular mechanisms of cytoskeletal motor proteins. Leveraging a multidisciplinary approach, our lab integrates single-molecule biophysics (such as high-resolution optical trapping and multicolor single-molecule fluorescence microscopy), biochemistry, and molecular biology. Our primary research focus revolves around the microtubule-associated motor proteins KIF1A and cytoplasmic dynein. By gaining mechanistic insights into these proteins, we aim to decipher the molecular causes of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases like KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorders (KAND). By combining single-molecule assays with mutagenesis and cryoEM, the Gennerich lab will develop novel therapies to target KAND and other neurological diseases that are caused by mutations in microtubule-associated motor proteins.

Financial Support:
All our projects are generously funded by the National Institute of Health.

Candidate Profile:

  • Prior experience in protein biochemistry, molecular biology, or single-molecule biophysics.
  • Demonstrated academic and research accomplishments.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are requested to submit:

  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae.
  • Names and contact details of three references.

Send your application materials to Dr. Gennerich at [Please click the Apply button for the link or email]. For more information about our lab and ongoing projects, visit

Application Deadline: 2023-12-31


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