Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoc in Host-microbe interactions – computational and/or experimental

Job Number: 70670

Location: Ithaca, NY, US

Job Description

Computational Postdoctoral Associate to study host-microbiome interactions

Brito Lab, Cornell University ([Please click the Apply button for the link or email])

The [Please click the Apply button for the link or email] is seeking highly motivated, independent and creative people with computational expertise to join our team. Our ultimate goal is to understand the specific mechanisms which bacteria in the gut elicit effects on the human body in order to get closer to diagnostics and therapeutics to treat microbiome-related disorders. Diseases of interest include colorectal cancer (CRC), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Specific areas of interest include:

·       Host-microbiome protein-protein interactions

·       Single-cell transcriptomics (scRNAseq) methods of the human gut and immune system

·       Structural modeling of protein-protein interactions

·       Metagenomics and other multi-omics analyses of human gut microbiomes

·       Immune function in the context of human disease

·       Bacterial transcriptome methods

·       Proteomic analysis methods

·       Microbial transmission

·       Horizontal gene transfer and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The Brito Lab offers a collaborative, rigorous, and fun research environment with strong integration between wet and dry labs. We have unique access to novel datasets on host-microbiome functions. We are members of the Microbiome Supergroup, the Cornell Center for Immunology, the Cornell Center for Antimicrobial Resistance, the Cornell Institute of Host-Microbe Interactions and Disease, and the Center for Vertebrate Genomics.

Qualified candidates should have:

·       Degree in any of the following: Microbiology, Bio/Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Genetics, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, or a related field;

·       Strong publication record and excellent communication skills; and

·       Independence, creativity, and ability to work well with others.

Funding (NIH, NSF etc.) is currently available to support postdoctoral scholars. Job comes with competitive salary and generous benefits! External fellowships are welcome, but not required. How to apply

Please send your CV, a brief description of your research interests and names and contact info of three references to: Ilana Brito ([Please click the Apply button for the link or email]).

Application Deadline: 2024-02-29


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