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Job Title: Postdoc: data-driven modeling of signaling dynamics and fate determinatio

Job Number: 56829

Location: San Francisco, US

Job Description

Postdoc in data-driven modeling of signaling dynamics and fate determination.

The Jacobo Group at the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub-SF and the O’Brien lab at Stanford University are seeking a joint postdoc to work on theory and modeling of signal dynamics that underlie spatial patterning of cell fate decisions in development and homeostasis. 

The postdoc will leverage live imaging data from Zebrafish neuromasts and Drosophila intestinal stem cells to yield real-time, volumetric, single-cell measurements of fate determinants in vivo and construct theoretical models that shed light on fundamental questions such as:

  • How do empirically observed differences in signaling kinetics affect the speed and proportion of distinct fate outcomes?
    How does cell motility and cell neighbor exchange affect signaling dynamics and fate outcomes?
  • The selected candidate will build theoretical models of signaling dynamics and fate determination, and apply them to understanding these and other relevant questions around complex tissues. They will also work with imaging data to create hybrid models that incorporate positional and dynamic data from the experimental system. Work will be conducted both at the Stanford campus and at Biohub-SF, as the project requires.

Required qualifications:

  • PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or related fields.
  • Experience in creating mathematical models based on biological processes and data.
  • Experience in dynamical systems, bifurcation analysis, or related areas.
  • Experience in collaborating closely with experimentalists.
  • Ability to work well in a multidisciplinary, diverse, and collaborative research environment.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Working familiarity with basic epithelial cell and tissue biology.
  • Experience as a science mentor.
  • Commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in science.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, in particular communicating concepts of physics and mathematics to biologists.
  • PhD conferral within the last 24 months.

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Application Deadline: 2023-11-28


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