Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoc and Research Scientist I – HIV Immunology

Job Number: 81028

Location: New Orleans, US

Job Description

The [Please click the Apply button for the link or email] is seeking a highly motivated, independent and creative person with background in immunology and HIV-1 reservoir biology to spearhead a nonhuman primate study focused on strategies for HIV-1 cure.  Specifically, the project will evaluate the role of cellular proliferation in maintaining the HIV-1 reservoir in the nonhuman primate model of SIV.

The question:  what host determinants govern the long-lived persistence of reservoir cells, despite effective and fully suppressive antiretroviral therapy?

HIV-1 can persist in latent form where the virus integrates its genetic material into the host genome and becomes virtually invisible to host-immune recognition. Because latent HIV-1 is silent and undergoes little to no transcription, latent-infected cells behave in very similar ways to uninfected cells and it is very difficult to target them.  Our lab employs both cell-based and sequencing approaches in the NHP model to study how immune responses to study how steady-state physiological processes of immune cell proliferation, survival, and homeoastis govern persistence of the reservoir.

The post-doctoral position is an individual holding a Ph. D or equivalent terminal degree who will play a major role in leading the project in collaboration with the PI and external collaborators. The job offers a competitive salary and for international applicants, the ability to apply via the H1B Visa program with commensurate experience.

Qualified candidates should have:

· PhD/MD/DVM in any of the following: Immunology, Infectious Disease, Virology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, or related field.

How to apply: Please provide Cover letter, CV, and references to official posting.


Application Deadline: 2024-10-31


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