Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Postdoc and Research Assistant Positions at Washington University

Job Number: 67699

Location: Saint Louis, US

Job Description

The Kim Lab at Washington University in St. Louis is actively seeking passionate and talented postdoctoral fellows and research assistants to contribute to groundbreaking research in the auditory field.

In vivo multicellular imaging of peripheral cells has enabled the mapping of individual and population-level neuronal responses for sight, smell, taste, and touch, providing direct insight into sensory encoding. However, obtaining this level of information in the auditory system has proven technically challenging due to the deep location, mechanosensitivity, and fluid-filled, bone-encased structure of the auditory periphery, the cochlea. I overcame this limitation by developing a method that enables real-time visualization of multiple cochlear cells in hearing animals (Kim and Ricci, Nature Protocol, 2023; Kim and Ricci, PNAS, 2022; PNAS Cozzarelli Prize, 2022).

Using this method combined with in vivo two-photon imaging, Kim Lab’s research is focused on:

1.      Characterizing the properties of sound coding and processing in the cochlea and along the auditory pathway

2.      Identifying the transport mechanisms of ototoxic drugs (ex, cisplatin) into the cochlea and developing pathway blockers to prevent drug-induced hearing loss


– The postdoc position requires a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree in neuroscience or related fields, along with the requirement of one or more first-author, peer-reviewed publications. Experience in calcium in vivo imaging or inner ear research is highly desirable, but not required.

– The research assistant position requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a broad field of biology. Candidates who are interested in PhD programs at WashU are encouraged to apply.

Please include a letter of interest, CV, and a list of 3 references when you apply ([Please click the Apply button for the link or email]).


Application Deadline: 2024-03-31


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