Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Post-doctoral scholar or Research asst prof in single-molecule biophysics

Job Number: 76659

Location: University Park, US

Job Description

The laboratory of Dr. Tae-Hee Lee in the Department of Chemistry and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State University is looking for post-doctoral scholars, research associates, or a research assistant professor in the field of single-molecule biophysics of the nucleosome, chromatin, and related enzymes such as chromatin remodelers, RNA polymerase II, and various transcription factors. Individuals trained in biological sciences or experimental biophysics are strongly encouraged to apply. Enthusiastic scientists trained in molecular spectroscopy or microscopy searching for career opportunities in single-molecule biophysics are also welcome to apply. Potential roles include routine tasks in cellular/molecular biology, application and/or development of single-molecule spectroscopic/microscopic techniques for problem-solving in nucleosome/chromatin biophysics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.


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Application Deadline: 2024-04-30


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