Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Post doctoral fellow

Job Number: 55546

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, US

Job Description

Post-doctoral position in Cell Therapy and Cancer Biology  

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

Mentor: Dr. Chenthamarakshan Vasu


A post-doctoral position is available to be involved in developing and testing novel cellular therapies to induce immune tolerance and tissue regeneration, and for studying the cell biology of cancers.  Project involves studies using cell lines, engineered primary cells, human samples, human iPSCs, 2D cultures, and 3D Organoids, and conventional and novel humanized rodent models. Understanding the role of various cellular proteins in tumorigenesis employing advanced imaging technologies and molecular biology approaches, and novel mouse models will be part of the project. Other aspects will include engineered primary immune cell and stem cell for treating autoimmunity and cancers.

Candidates must hold a recent doctoral degree or equivalent in biomedical sciences. Candidates with previous experience and publication record in the fields of iPSC and organoid culture, immunology, cellular therapy, and/or cancer cell biology will be considered. Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply to address significant gender and racial/ethnic gaps in the nation’s biomedical research workforce.


For detailed information and to apply, contact Dr. Vasu at [Please click the Apply button for the link or email]

Application Deadline: 2023-09-30


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