Company:  Confidential

Job Title: MIT Postdoc/Research Scientist, Therapeutics for Cancer in vivo

Job Number: 55833

Location: Cambridge, US

Job Description

There is an opening in Prof. Deblina Sarkar’s research group at MIT for a Postdoctoral Associate with experience in studying the effect of therapeutics (chemotherapy/ immunotherapy/radiation/others ) for cancer both in vitro and in vivo in mouse. Background in brain tumor or glioblastoma is preferred but not required. Strong expertise in biological techniques for studying the underlying mechanism regarding the effect of treatment is required. For details see the Qualifications and Skills sections.

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  • Study the effect of novel therapeutics for cancer both in vitro and in vivo in mouse
  • Study the underlying mechanism
  • Write research grants



  • PhD in biology, bioengineering, neuroscience, materials science, electrical/electronics engineering or relevant field
  • Experience in creating mouse models of tumor
  • Experience in studying the effect of therapeutics (chemotherapy/ immunotherapy/radiation etc) for cancer both in vitro and in vivo
  • Experience in studying related mechanisms through analysis of transcriptome, stemness, invasiveness, migration, cancer pathways, ROS production etc
  • Experience with techniques such as gene sequencing, PCR, Western blot, etc
  • Experience with in vivo methods such as MRI, IVIS
  • Expertise with in vivo animal models is required
  • Experience with testing in cultured cells is required

Preferred Education and Experience:

Experience in PDX models
Experience in neuro oncology
Experience in immune engineering
Experience with stem cells
Experience with neurospheres or organoids
Experience in study of electric field in tumor
Experience in recording electrical/ionic signalling from cells
Experience in drug delivery
Experience with statistical analysis
Experience with genetic manipulation (cell line engineering, GEVIs, etc.)
Experience in single cell sequencing

Application Deadline: 2023-11-01


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