Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Lab Operations Manager

Job Number: 62241

Location: San Francisco, US

Job Description

Reporting to the Head of Laboratory Operations, the Laboratory Operations Manager will be  responsible for solving day-to-day logistical challenges associated with the startup of a new  research institution. Key roles of the Laboratory Operations Manager include: (1) the development of a receiving system for laboratory supplies, consumables, and media; (2) implementation of a restocking system for lab consumables and media that includes a Thermo Fisher Express Supply  Center; and (3) establishment of safe protocols for the receipt and handling of chemicals and  cryoliquids. The position will involve working collaboratively with an EHS team to maintain  laboratory safety and facility hygiene through the management of incoming chemicals and other  hazardous materials.


* Manage day-to-day operations in ~30,000 square feet of mixed lab and office space across three suites, including molecular biology and tissue culture laboratories. * Ordering, receipt, and inventory maintenance of laboratory materials including consumables, media, and small equipment. * Stewardship of new laboratory instrumentation, including: coordinating deliveries, collaborating with technicians for equipment installation, and onboarding. * Responding to alarm notifications from the monitoring system, submitting and overseeing work orders in the building operations portal. * Managing cryofreezers in a freezer farm: monitoring liquid nitrogen levels daily and connecting new LN2 dewars to cryofreezers as required. * Maintaining records of equipment maintenance and scheduling or performing PM as required (e.g., running regular incubator sterilization cycles and scheduling hood certifications). * Liaise with EHS team to receive new chemicals, including entering chemicals into CIMS, communicating with end users, and delivering chemicals to compatible storage locations. * Oversee the management and record keeping of hazardous chemical and medical waste accumulation and removal in collaboration with an EHS team. * Sit on an EHS committee and participate in inspections of safety equipment and facilities to ensure high standards of laboratory hygiene and safety are upheld by all on-site employees. * Communicate operations updates to scientists on a regular basis.

Required Skills

* Bachelor’s degree in a life science plus 5 years of work experience, or equivalent combination of education and work experience  * Strong attention to detail, resourcefulness, and good organization skills * Must be proactive, able to self-initiate, and capable of working independently  * Excellent written and verbal communication skills  * Passion for resolving technical problems, sometimes through performing  analysis of data and/or situations  * Experience with budget management  * Experience maintaining clean spaces and sterile equipment  * Working knowledge of biological safety, chemical safety, and general  laboratory safety  * Experience working in a Biosafety Level 2 or 2+ (BSL-2 or BSL-2+) lab preferred  * Able to lift 50 pounds

Application Deadline: 2023-10-20


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