Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Graduate student position in biomedical resaerch (Washington DC, USA)

Job Number: 71301

Location: Washington, DC, US

Job Description

Dr. Jia-Ray Yu’s lab is seeking a graduate student to join our team at newly established Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus (, representing an initiative of the partnership between Virginia Tech and Children’s National Hospital.  The Yu lab studies the regulation of gene expression at the chromatin level. The temporo-spatial regulation of chromatin-associated factors is crucial for their collective function in shaping the epigenome and is often dysregulated in human diseases such as congenital developmental syndromes and a variety of cancers. Our lab interrogates mechanistic questions using a combination of cutting-edge research tools, such as chromatin biochemistry and reconstituted systems, deep-sequencing, molecular and cell biology, and mouse models for Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG).

We are seeking students who have strong scientific curiosity and are willing to develop strong communication skills.  We expect successful candidates to have at least one year research experience in relevant areas, including (but not limited to) biochemistry, cell biology, or molecular biology.  

If you are interested, please send the followings to Dr. Yu in one PDF by email (jiarayyu[at]

– a <1 page cover letter briefly describing your research background and motivation

– a complete CV 

– a undergraduate and/or graduate transcript 

Please direct any questions to Dr. Yu (

Application Deadline: 2024-06-15


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