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Job Title: Flatiron Research Fellow, Biophysical Modeling, CCB

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Location: New York, US

Job Description

Flatiron Research Fellow, Biophysical Modeling, CCB

The Center for Computational Biology (CCB) of the Simons Foundation’s Flatiron Institute is actively seeking enthusiastic, full-time post-doctoral Flatiron Research Fellows to join its Biophysical Modeling Group.

The Biophysical Modeling group focuses on the modeling and simulation of complex systems that arise in biology and soft condensed matter physics. Areas of interest include the dynamics of complex and active materials, and aspects of collective behavior and self-organization in both natural systems (e.g., inside the cell) and synthetic ones. Ongoing projects focus on understanding the organization and dynamics of the nucleus, the structure and assembly of spindles, the positioning and transport of cellular organelles, and fluid-structure problems in biology. To address these, often in close collaboration with experimental collaborators, we build numerical and theoretical models from the ground up, revealing how the known mechanics of individual components give rise to collective behavior. Many such phenomena occur only within dense, highly interacting systems, inaccessible to standard techniques. To probe such regimes requires the development of fast and scalable algorithms for many-component systems, and of coarse-grained models that can be analyzed and simulated. Strong applicants with backgrounds in applied and computational mathematics, biophysics, engineering, statistical inference, and related fields are particularly encouraged to apply.

Position Description
Flatiron Research Fellows in CCB are individuals at the postdoctoral level with backgrounds in one or more of the following areas: applied mathematics, statistics, computational biology, biophysics, computer science, engineering, mathematical physics, or related disciplines. Reporting to Research Scientists, Data Scientists or the Center Director, as appropriate, Fellows are expected to carry out an active research program that can be independently directed and/or involve substantial collaboration with other members of CCB or the Flatiron Institute. In addition to their research, Fellows help build the rich scientific community at CCB and the Flatiron Institute by participating in seminars, colloquia, and group meetings; developing their software, mathematical and computational expertise through internal education opportunities; and sharing their knowledge through scientific publications, presentations, and/or software releases, with the financial support of the Institute. Fellows have access to the Flatiron Institute’s powerful scientific computing resources.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
– Performing theoretical and computational research
– Developing, implementing and maintaining scientific software
– Participating in the organization of CCB and Flatiron-wide collaborative activities including seminars, workshops and meetings
– Participating in the preparation of manuscripts for publication and of presentations at scientific conferences
– Assisting in student mentorship
– Sharing expertise and providing training and guidance to CCB staff and visitors as needed.

The full-time annual compensation for this position is $90,000.

In addition to competitive salaries, the Simons Foundation provides employees with an outstanding benefits package.

FRF positions are generally two-year appointments that can be renewed for a third year, contingent on performance. Fellows will be based, and have a principal office or workspace, at the Simons Foundation’s offices in New York City. Fellows may also be eligible for subsidized housing within walking distance of the Flatiron Institute.

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– Ph.D. in a relevant field (applied mathematics, statistics, computational biology, biophysics, computer science, engineering, mathematical physics, or related disciplines)

Related Skills & Other Requirements
– Demonstrated abilities in mathematical modeling, analysis and/or scientific computation, scientific software and algorithm development, data analysis and inference, and image analysis
– Ability to do original and outstanding research in computational biology, and expertise in computational methods, data analysis, software and algorithm development, modeling machine learning, and scientific simulation
– Ability to work well in an interdisciplinary environment, and to collaborate with experimentalists
– Strong oral and written communication, data documentation, and presentation skills

Application Instructions
Cover Letter, which should include a summary of applicants’ most significant contributions in graduate school
Curriculum vitae with publications list and, if relevant, links to software
Research statement of no more than three (3) pages describing the applicant’s past important results, current and future research interests which may include both scientific topics and algorithm and software development, and potential synergies with activities at CCB
Two (2) letters of recommendation

Applications for available positions that begin in 2024 will generally be reviewed beginning September 2023, and will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

About the Center for Computational Biology, the Flatiron Institute, and the Simons Foundation
The goal at CCB is to advance the understanding of fundamental and historically challenging biological processes by developing theory, innovative modeling tools for large-scale biophysical simulations, and computational frameworks for analyzing increasingly large and complex experimental datasets. Living systems are built hierarchically; as such, CCB’s research activities span several scales of biological organization, bridging the gap between microscopic detail and large-scale behaviors, and providing natural continuity between our groups’ efforts. CCB currently comprises more than 45 research and data scientists at career stages from recent Ph.D. graduates through senior scientists, as well as visiting scientists, guest researchers, graduate students, interns, and administrative support staff. For a full description of CCB research areas and scientific staff, please see our website.

The Flatiron Institute, an internal research division of the Simons Foundation, is a community of scientists who are working to use modern computational tools to advance our understanding of science both through the analysis of large, rich datasets and through the simulations of physical processes. Our mission is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation.

The Simons Foundation’s mission is to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences.

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Application Deadline: 2024-10-09


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