Company:  Confidential

Job Title: Computational Post-doctoral position in San Diego, CA

Job Number: 68594

Location: San Diego, US

Job Description

We are looking for exceptional self-motivated candidates interested in developing and applying cutting-edge genomic technologies to study molecular basis of neurodevelopmental diseases. Qualified candidates must have a Ph.D. or equivalent in Computer Science, Biology, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Engineering or related field, and expertise in genomics, statistics, or systems biology. Strong programming skills in Python and/or R are required, and familiarity with bulk RNAseq and scRNAseq data processing and analyses is a plus. To learn more about our research, check out these papers:

1. Urresti J, …et al…, Muotri AR, Iakoucheva LM. Cortical organoids model early brain development disrupted by 16p11.2 Copy Number Variants in autism. Mol Psychiatry, 2021, Aug 26. PMID: 34433918

2. Amar M, …et al…, Muotri AR, Iakoucheva LM. Autism-linked Cullin3 germline haploinsufficiency impacts cytoskeletal dynamics and cortical neurogenesis through RhoA signaling. Mol Psychiatry. PMID: 33727673

3. Chau K, … et al…, Iakoucheva LM. Full-length isoform transcriptome of the developing human brain provides further insights into autism. Cell Reports, 2021,  PMID: 34469739


Application Deadline: 2024-04-20


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