Tango Therapeutics

Job Title: Associate Director/Director, Biochemistry

Job Number: 24715

Location: Cambridge, MA

Job Description

Tango Therapeutics is seeking an experienced Biochemist to lead our small molecule drug discovery efforts. The successful candidate will play a key role in planning and executing hit-finding strategies. They will be highly skilled in biochemical and biophysical assay development, mechanistic enzymology, and high throughput screening. This individual will work closely with colleagues across different disciplines to support and expand Tango’s drug discovery portfolio. 


  • Contribute to experimental design and development of biochemical and biophysical assays to characterize enzymes
  • Spearhead hit-finding efforts to enable hit discovery and mechanistic understanding of small molecule modulation
  • Evaluate new technologies and vendors to expand drug discovery capability
  • Work closely with external research organizations to generate quality data within timeline
  • Assess and interpret data to make data-driven decisions and regularly present to scientific, project, and leadership teams
  • Collaborate with chemistry and biology colleagues to validate compound data, drive mechanistic understanding of small molecule hits, and guide hit to lead and lead optimization activities
  • Create a learning environment for open discussion and suggestions
  • Foster a team culture of ownership and ensure recognition of team achievements

Required Skills

  • PhD in Enzymology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or related field
  • 10+ years of industrial laboratory experience in small molecule drug discovery
  • Expertise in in vitro biochemical and biophysical assay design and development. Familiar with a variety of detection technologies, including FRET, FP, fluorescence, luminescence, etc.
  • Expertise in high throughput screening
  • Expert knowledge of enzymology
  • Strong organization and planning skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be able to clearly present complex enzymatic reactions to others in both formal and informal settings
  • Experience working with external research organizations strongly desired
  • Must be able to motivate others and maintain positive interpersonal skills
  • Experience with protein engineering and purification desired
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaborating with peers
  • Experience leading early drug discovery project strongly desired


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