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Job Title: Assistant / Associate Scientist Positions

Job Number: 80552

Location: Philadelphia, US

Job Description

Assistant / Associate Scientist Positions


Assistant/Associate Scientist positions are available in the Borriello laboratory, located in the Department of Cancer and Cellular Biology in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Philadelphia (US).


Our lab focuses on understanding how tumor cells, that have escaped from the primary tumor, survive in distant organs in a latent state for years (dormancy) and how they induce metastatic relapse. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to study the biology of metastasis, integrating cell signaling, biochemistry, molecular biology, multiplex tissue imaging, several mouse models, and intravital imaging of tumor cells in live animals. Additional information on our research program can be found on our website:




The Borriello Lab is seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic assistant/associate scientists to join our research team. We collaborate with investigators from both within the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and Fox Chase Cancer Center. Successful candidates will have the unique opportunity to work in a dynamic and stimulating academic environment, at a top-notch institution in the US. 


Successful candidates will assist the Principal Investigator in setting up the lab, supervise other lab members, and perform experiments. The Borriello Lab is committed to building an inclusive environment that supports professional development and scientific discoveries.




·        The candidate should have a Bachelor Degree in molecular and cellular biology or related field of science or equivalent in education and experience.


·        The candidate is expected to be highly motivated, enthusiastic, well organized, and capable of contributing productively in a team environment.


Prior lab experience in basic molecular and cellular biology is desirable, but not essential.


·        The candidate will have the opportunity to present her/his work at lab meetings, departmental seminars and national/international conferences.


·        Excellent communication skills in written and oral English are essential. 


To Apply


If you are interested in joining our research program, please submit a cover letter describing your motivation to apply, copy of current curriculum vitae, and a list of three references directly to:


Lucia Borriello, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Cancer and Cellular Biology

Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Fox Chase Cancer Center

E-mail: [Please click the Apply button for the link or email]

Application Deadline: 2024-09-28


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